“It’s not an overnight fix…”- Doug Pederson reveals his plans for the Jacksonville Jaguars in the next season

Doug Pederson is ready to take on the challenge at Jacksonville Jaguars

Trevor Lawrence and Doug Pederson
Trevor Lawrence and Doug Pederson

Doug Pederson was announced as the head coach of the Jacksonville Jaguars for the next season as they hope he will be the man who can turn things around for this struggling franchise who has failed to develop their quarterback Trevor Lawrence who was the No. 1 pick in last year’s draft.

In his first season in the NFL, things didn’t go as Trevor would have hoped as he found himself in a struggling team who was always in news due to their head coach Urban Meyer and for obvious bad reasons, Urban Meyer was later sacked by the Jaguars.

Doug Pederson knows it will be a tough task to bring the Jaguars back on track as in an interview he said, “It’s not an overnight fix. It’s going to be a fix that we’ve got to do one player at a time, one coach at a time, and get it turned around.”

“I see talent, honestly,”- Doug Pederson on the Jaguars squad

Jacksonville Jaguars
Jacksonville Jaguars

Doug Pederson declared that he will be calling the plays for Trevor Lawrence and talked about the various coaches and players in the Jaguars squad and said, “I see talent, honestly, Is it perfect? No. You see flashes. You see the offense taking strides throughout the course of the year. You see the defense making those strides. Now, it’s about, ‘We’ve got to be consistent every week.’ There has to be consistency. There has to be ownership with that.”

He added, “We’re going to add talent. We’re going to add competition. We’re going to bring value to the roster. Every team does that. We’re no exception to that. But I see talent here.”

Doug Pederson said, “”I’m trying to turn this into a winning program, a winning organization, Do you learn from the past? Of course. Do you study it? Of course. At the same time, my focus has always been a forward-thinking approach to everything we do.”

The Jacksonville Jaguars fans will be very relieved with the hiring of such a great coach who wants to transform this young and talented team into a good team with Trevor Lawrence leading from the front.

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