Former Rams ADVICES the ideal way for Los Angeles Rams to defend against the Bengals in the Super Bowl

Here's what former Rams defensive tackle feels the team should do to stop the Bengals from winning the Super Bowl

D'Marco Farr and the Los Angeles Rams
D'Marco Farr and the Los Angeles Rams

The Super Bowl is upon us and just a few hours away. This Super Bowl is going to be special since it’s No.1 vs No.1. Matthew Stafford was selected first overall by the Detriot Lions in the 2009 draft, while Joe Burrow was drafted first overall by the Cincinnati Bengals in 2020.

The entire NFL world is divided between which team has the edge and will take home the Lombardi Trophy. Former defensive tackle for the Los Angeles Rams has some advice for the current team as they head into the most important game for the season.

“Stop that running game” – D’Marco says, Los Angeles Rams should stop the Bengals running game at all cost

Joe Mixon
Joe Mixon

“First you know stop the run. I think Joe Mixon is gonna have a lot to say about whoever wins this football game”, D’Marco Farr said on Good Morning Football. “If the Rams can block that running attack, the rushing attack and kinda turn it south and put the game back on Joe Burrow. If Joe Mixon can get that running game going then you might have some issues.”

Joe Mixon has been one of the main offensive weapons of the Bengals the entire season. He had 292 rushing attempts in which he gained 1,205 yards for 13 touchdowns in the regular season alone. He has been pretty dominant in the playoffs as well. Mixon has rushed for over 190 yards for a single touchdown.

“I know that’s funny to say cause Joe Burrow is good, respect him. But I think the Rams have too much coming the other way. Aaron Donald is healthy. He’s hungry, he’s a leader and he’s ready to go. These guys getting after the passer, I just don’t see it. I don’t see Cincinnati’s offensive line being able to keep Joe Burrow upright or keep these guys off him long enough”, D’Marco added.

Winning the Super Bowl means a lot to Aaron Donald as it was apparent in the NFC Championship game. The way he got the defense together and spoke to the heart and soul of every single person on the defense shows just how determined Donald is to lift that Super Bowl trophy.

Cincinnati’s offensive line has;t been up to the mark in protecting Joe Burrow and providing him with a safe pocket. The Bengals’ QB was sacked 9 times in the divisional round game against the Titans. Given the guys heading LA Rams’ defense, there is a heavy chance that Burrow might not be able to have a 350 or above yard game. “So, if you can stop the rushing attack of Cincinnati and force Joe Burrow to beat you I don’t think he can with that pass rush”, Farr concluded.

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