“I think Matthew Stafford is a top 3 quarterback in the league”- Gabriel Davis heaps praise for the Rams quarterback ahead of the Super Bowl

Buffalo Bills WR Gabriel Davis in an appearance on the Richard Sherman podcast gave his views on the Rams and Matthew Stafford

Matthew Stafford and Gabriel Davis
Matthew Stafford and Gabriel Davis

The Los Angeles Rams led by Matthew Stafford won the Super Bowl against Cincinnati Bengals at the SoFi stadium as the Rams return to the Super Bowl after losing in 2019 against Tom Brady-led Patriots.

The Rams, however, got their revenge against Brady in the NFC Divisional Round where they defeated the defending champions Tampa Bay Buccaneers before defeating their closer rivals the San Francisco 49ers in the NFC Championship Game.

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Many people around the league respect Matthew Stafford and what he has been through in his career during his Detroit days where he didn’t have a good squad to lead the Super Bowl, but when he got a chance to lead a squad in Rams this season he has led them to the Super Bowl in just his first season.

Buffalo Bills WR Gabriel Davis was full of praise for the Rams quarterback, as in a podcast with Richard Sherman he said, “I think Matthew Stafford is a top 3 quarterback in the league.”

“He has been balling and I’m happy for that”- Gabriel Davis on Matthew Stafford

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Gabriel Davis on The Richard Sherman Podcast talked about Matthew Stafford and the Rams and said, “Even Aaron Rodgers talked about him 2 years ago and said, Stafford is the most underrated quarterback in the league.” He added, “Now he has the tools around him and he has been balling and I’m happy for that.”

He spoke about the Rams reaching the Super Bowl and said, “LA reaching the Super Bowl was not a surprise because they have a lot of great players.”

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Cooper Kupp and Stafford

Matthew Stafford throughout his career had been regarded as an above-average quarterback due to his team not making the playoffs or winning many playoff games but that Detroit Lions team was literally carried by Stafford as he did not have many good players around him.

With his arrival in Rams, he got the tools like Cooper Kupp, Van Jefferson, and lately Odell Beckham Jr and he has been able to showcase his talent which has made the Rams win the Super Bowl and has earned Stafford his respect which he was due for a long time.

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