“I was like super surprised”: Philadelphia Eagles’ Anthony Harris surprises 11-year-old with father-daughter dance

Anthony Harris flew down to Texas to take Audrey Soape to her father-daughter dance.

"I was like super surprised. Like, more than I can explain surprised!": Philadelphia Eagles Anthony Harris takes 11 year old to get father-daughter dance

For eleven-year-old Audrey Soape, the annual father-daughter dance at their local church in Pflugerville, Texas is the highlight of the year. However, unfortunately, Audrey lost her father in March last year.

Moreover, her grandfather who would have been her father’s replacement as her date also demised some days later. It was a tumultuous and grievous time for the Soape family.

Philadelphia Eagles’s Anthony Harris takes Audrey Soape to her dance

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Anthony Harris with his fan

However mother Holly Soape did not give up and she wanted to do something special for her daughter which would make her feel valued and loved. And hence she had this brilliant idea of asking Philadelphia Eagles player Anthony Harris to escort her daughter to the dance.

Anthony Harris is the family’s favourite NFL player and they have been following him since a long time. Additionally they have been in constant touch with each other with Holly Soape sending him best wishes before matches.

I would send him encouragements and prayers before big games and during transitions of his career. So, we kind of had that connection through social media, but we’d never met him,” she said.

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Harris danced with his fan

Although she knew it was a long shot, Anthony Harris graciously accepted the invitation and took Audrey to the father-daughter dance. He flew in from Florida and even gifted Audrey a new dress and a pair of shoes for the dance.

“I was like super surprised. Like, more than I can explain surprised. And I was also like, really nervous,” Audrey said. “Probably more nervous than excited at the beginning, because I didn’t know what I was going to say or do around him.”

He started engaging in conversations with her, like asking how her day was, asking about her dad, sort of making her laugh, and got her out on the dance floor. As the night progressed he really went out of his way to just make sure she felt special, that she felt comfortable and that she was having a good time,” Holly said.

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