Los Angeles Chargers’ News: Coach Brandon Staley’s Opinion Upon Run Game Goes Viral

Brandon Staley expressed his opinions about the running game and also focused on how it is important to challenge the new defenses of the NFL.

With time, evolution is essential to every single happening on the face of the planet and the NFL was no exemption to the same. Ideally, what was a game of sheer physicality and a contest of a few blistering runs has evolved to a contest of accurate passing and a timely outbreak of searing runs. With all said and done, no matter whatsoever evolution does to a game, the roots will always stay hidden under some deep wraps of existence. Los Angeles Chargers head coach, Brandon Staley explicated why running is of utmost importance to the game.

Brandon Staley said that it is highly important to play a running game as that introduces a physical aspect that carves more space for the play-action game to be executed. Bring all these ingredients together in the same broth and you would realize that why running has been an imperative sauce that should always remain entrenched in the glossy fabric of NFL. Staley also said that the running factor challenges a defense’s physicality. It is quite obvious that it takes more force for a barreling rock to be thwarted instead of staving away an opposition that is trying to make inroads with passes.

This is what Brandon Staley had to say about the ‘Run Game’

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Los Angeles Chargers' News: Coach Brandon Staley's Opinion Upon Run Game Goes Viral 2

Staley was heard quoting, “What I think that the running game does for a quarterback is it gives you some breathers. You don’t need a good running game to be a good play-action team, but what you need the running game for is the physical element of the game. There’s a physicality to the game that’s real, right? If you’re just a passing team, there’s a physical element to the game that the defense doesn’t have to respect. And that’s the truth. Because the data will tell you that you don’t need a run game to play pass. You don’t need that.”

Brandon Staley concluded by saying, “But what the running game does for you, it brings a physical dimension to the football game. And what the running game does that the passing game does not, is the running forces the defense to play block and to tackle. That happens on a run play — You must play blocks and you must tackle. In the passing game, those things don’t need to happen, right? You don’t have to play as many blocks. And you may not have to tackle based on incomplete or not. So what the running game does is it really challenges your physicality and that’s why I think the run game is important to a quarterback. It’s literally going to allow him to have more space to operate when you do throw the football.”

The Chargers laid waste to the Raiders as Austin Ekeler pulled off a phenomenal 117 yards and executed a touchdown on 15 carries. Larry Rountree III surged for 31 yards, adding to the impeccable digits of the Chargers. With such physicality scorching the Raiders, the Chargers QB, Justin Herbert had a comfortable outing with 222 yards and three touchdowns. As mentioned above, maybe the game has evolved but the old-school style of running will always remain.

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