“It’s time to kill!” 49ers OT Trent Williams discloses his deadly mindset going into Philly

Trent Williams spearheaded the fighting spirit among his teammates against the Eagles.

“It’s time to kill!” 49ers OT Trent Williams discloses his deadly mindset going into Philly

San Francisco 49ers offensive tackle Trent Williams (71) in game action against the Philadelphia Eagles (Via Imago)

The offensive tackle of the San Francisco 49ers, Trent Williams, shared some insights after their thumping victory over the Philadelphia Eagles. After toiling and shattering them into pieces, the veteran OT admitted the team had gone to the field with a killer instinct that came in handy.

Multiple 49ers players in the game were donning all-black. Earlier it was unclear why Williams, defensive end Chase Young and wideout Deebo Samuel wore all black. Williams later clarified their position.


Appearing on the Inside the NFL show, the OT revealed that they wanted to kill the Eagles at their home. It was pre-decided that he would wear black as if he were going to some funeral. The team members later joined him. The effort reflected their mentality to win the game or to run a demolition drive at Philly’s home.

A couple of weeks ago, I already knew I was going to come [in] all black. I knew that was going to be my mindset, my mindset was going to be, 'It's time to kill, you're going to a funeral-- And it's crazy, I didn't discuss that with anybody else. It just so happened that other guys on the team felt the same way, it was such a coincidence. 

The 49ers wanted a perfect revenge in front of the rowdy Philadelphia crowd. Cutback to a few months ago, both teams had a face-off in the NFC championship game. The 49ers had to suffer a loss. Their regular and backup quarterbacks had to exit due to injuries. With all these, they were seeking vengeance, and the killing mentality helped them to earn that.

The 49ers are now just a game behind the Eagles for the No. 1 seed in the NFC conference.


Trent Williams is a cancer survivor

Like on the field, Trent Williams is also a fighter off the field. The OT developed cancer during his days in the Washington Commanders. He was diagnosed with Dermatofibrosarcoma protuberans and had to go through surgery to remove a growth in his head.

Williams later came back to the field after treatment. He avoided chemotherapy to stay connected to the field. The OT knew that chemotherapy would cut his playing possibilities.

Trent Williams
Trent Williams (Via Imago)

The first signs of cancer were identified in the year 2013 when the OT was at the Commanders. The team doctor did not give it a shot as they thought that it was insignificant. That negligence proved to be pivotal as the disease spread into his skin. In the recent episode of Third and Long of the YouTube Channel Tidal League, the OT revealed his doctors suggested that he fix his affairs as he had very few days left.

Every time I go into a locker room, every time I put the helmet on. I flash back and think about the time where Doc said, ‘Get your affairs in order.'

Well, someone who has seen death so closely can develop such an instinct of a fighter. This spirit was reflected against the Eagles.

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