Aaron Rodgers flaunts his newest ‘dragon tattoo’ as struggles with recovery continues amid Achilles injury woes

Rodgers acknowledges Balazs Bercsenyi as the artist for his new tattoo.

Aaron Rodgers flaunts his newest ‘dragon tattoo’ as struggles with recovery continues amid Achilles injury woes

Aaron Rodgers' newest tattoo (via Instagram)

After the mysterious tattoo that made quite the headlines last year, Aaron Rodgers again followed the same path, with his second tattoo symbolizing a Chinese dragon forming a loop in itself to portray the number ‘8’.


This season has been bittersweet for the quarterback as he signed a three-year contract with New York Jets worth $112.5 million, however, he sustained a serious Achilles injury with just two games into the 2023 NFL season. As a result, the quarterback has been on the injured list ever since. However, as December approached, it brought along a potential return date for the veteran quarterback.

With that being said, this time when the legend returns, he will have a new augmentation in his physical appearance — his newest dragon tattoo. The “8” in Rodgers’ new tattoo is dedicated to his current jersey number. The dragon on either side has the words “two” and “Twelve” written, referencing the quarterback’s birthday on December 2.

Rodgers was seen flaunting his new tattoo on Instagram, as shared by his tattoo artist with the caption,

The year of the dragon. Second tattoo for the 🐐 himself @aaronrodgers12 with a subtle hint for Aaron’s new jersey number #8

The credit for Rodgers’ creative tattoo goes again to Balazs Bercsenyi, a Brooklyn-based Hungarian artist who has also done the quarterback’s first tattoo, which was a whole next level of creativity involving two lions and several constellations existing together, along with some other imagery.

Will Aaron Rodgers return in Week 16 against the Washington Commanders?

Despite a speedy recovery, it’s still early for a quarterback who tore his Achilles to play again. And that’s what is happening with Jets QB quarterback Rodgers. In his first season with the Jets, the multiple-time MVP suffered a season-ending Achilles injury.

Aaron Rodgers
Aaron Rodgers (via People)

Even though the quarterback has joined the practice squad, he is making minimum participation and would probably fall short of his desire to return this season. In the coming weeks, the Jets are preparing for the games against the Houston Texans and Miami Dolphins.

It’s highly unlikely that Rodgers would return by week 16 in the game against the Commanders as the starting QB, however, the QB may stand on the sideline to witness. The Jets are already trembling for a playoff spot with a 4-8 season record, therefore if the quarterback did return taking upon the risk, it would probably be for nothing.


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