“This is absolutely wild!” – Aaron Rodgers all set to return as the Jets open his 21-day practice window, fans react

Aaron Rodgers is all set to return as the Jets open his 21-day practice window. 

“This is absolutely wild!” – Aaron Rodgers all set to return as the Jets open his 21-day practice window, fans react

Aaron Rodgers is BACK! (IMAGE: AP)

It’s official: Aaron Rodgers is back. The quarterback for the New York Jets has been cleared to return to practice by medical professionals as the team has started the process to bring him off the injured reserve list. This means that Rodgers will now be able to commence practice with the team.


Aaron Rodgers was cleared for “functional football activity” but not contact, according to Robert Saleh. This is a big step in the process of his returning to the turf. Does this mean Aaron Rodgers will get back to playing in an NFL game this season? 

It is doubtful. HC Robert Saleh dubbed this update as just a mere “progression in his rehab” and said that it was too soon to tell if he would play again this season.

The New York Jets have activated him off the injured reserve just 79 days after his Achilles injury. This is nothing less than insane. It does not matter if Aaron Rodgers actually plays an NFL game this season or not, but his recovery must be studied because this is beyond normal. The question of whether he will actually start this season remains to be answered.


Aaron Rodgers has recovered from an Achilles tendon tear in just 79 days

From a fan’s perspective, who would not love to see Aaron Rodger’s play? The Jets had the most hype surrounding them entering this season, and to see all that be flushed down the drain in just a matter of minutes into their first game of the year was nothing short of disappointing.

However, from a franchise’s perspective, it makes no sense to allow Aaron Rodgers to get back out there.

Aaron Rodgers
Aaron Rodgers (via AP)

Granted, the quarterback can play and is looking like his original self again, but no team with adequate sense would put Aaron Rodgers in the line of fire in a year when their odds of making the postseason are blown. 

The Jets are 4-7 so far, and assuming Rodgers makes a return by December 24th, the team is likely to be 5-9 at best. It’s great that he is back, but please, for the love of God, keep him away from this offensive line that risks him being reinjured.


Ultimately, Rodgers wants to show that he is an anomaly by returning to play in such a short span. The Jets are likely to give him a quarter or two of football action for his satisfaction, but it is doubtful they would allow him to play in an entire game. 

Fans online could not believe that this was actually happening. Here’s how they reacted to it. Sharing a wide spectrum of reactions online, here’s what fans have to say:

Top 10 conspiracy theories of all time?

This is still hard to believe. Aaron Rodgers’ injury had to be something else; nobody in the history of sports has managed to recover this quickly from an injury as significant as an Achilles tendon tear. 


Nevertheless, it is impressive, and the bigger question remains if the Jets will allow Aaron Rodgers to play in an NFL game this season or not.

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