“Physically, they definitely look the part”: Aaron Rodgers has a lot of faith in Packers’ rookie WRs

Here's what Aaron Rodgers thinks about the young Packers WRs

Aaron Rodgers and Christian Watson
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Aaron Rodgers is undoubtedly one of the most talked about quarterbacks in the recent times. Although he has made the news for all sorts of reasons in the past few years, one just can’t deny that he is indeed one of the best in the game. After all, clinching back to back MVP titles is not an easy task.

Aaron along with Davante guided team to several important wins for a long time. However, the Packers had no choice but to let Davante go in order to retain Rodgers ahead of the 2022 season. While Aaron is indeed a fantastic QB, many are a little skeptical about how he’ll perform in the absence of Adams.

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“They all have physical gifts”: Aaron Rodgers on new Packers’ WRs

aaron rodgers
Aaron Rodgers

Recently, Aaron appeared on the Pat McAfee Show where he talked about the young WRs who have been roped in by the franchise. Aaron claimed that the Packers have turned rookies into stars in the past and the newbies have the capability to perform well.

Every year there’s opinions that start coming out about players in helmets and shorts, and I would say let’s everybody just take a nice deep long breath and trust the training camp time that we have, trust the coaching staff, trust the relationships that will continue to be formed, trust the guys in the room like Allen Lazard, and Randall Cobb, and Sammy Watkins to help these young guys out,” Rodgers said.

He claimed that after what he has seen during the offseason workouts, the young WRs sure look physically well-built and do pack a punch. “Physically, they definitely look the part, all three of them,” Rodgers said. “All three of the guys we drafted, they all have physical gifts. Obviously the top two picks are bigger, Doubs and Watson, but the seventh-round pick’s got a lot of stuff to him. So I think it’s going to be great.

Without a doubt, under Rodgers, the young WRs will indeed get to learn a lot and who knows, they might even surpass all expectations. However, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that after Davante’s trade, there is a lot more riding on Aaron’s shoulders and he needs to put the right foot forward in the coming season.

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