“My peace is going to be threatened,” AJ Brown comes up with a reply to fans’ threats following his trade move to Philadelphia Eagles

AJ Brown slammed the fans for their behavior after he moved on to the Philadelphia Eagles this offseason.

AJ Brown secured a shocking trade move to the Philadelphia Eagles from the Tennessee Titans before the NFL 2022 draft. However, the move did not go down well with the Titans fans and he has been on the receiving end of the wrath from fans.

The 24-year old burst onto the scene after being drafted by the Titans in the 2019 NFL draft and rose to become one of the best wide receivers in the league. This though does not justify the treatment he has received from the Titans fans after the trade move.

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AJ Brown received death threats from the Titans fans after his move to the Eagles

AJ Brown celebrates after scoring Touchdown
AJ Brown

AJ Brown admitted on social media this week that some fans took it too far by sending him death threats. He did not hold himself back as he fired a letter to his fans on his official Twitter account.

AJ Brown wrote a lengthy message on his official Twitter account which said, “I’m every bad word it is for taking care of MY FAMILy! if you’re not aware just look on social media. I’m a man first and I will always do what I feel is right for me and my family. People are upset and that’s fine but it’s not that serious when it comes to me.”

“People can disrespect me on social media and that’s fine but being disrespectful to my face is whole another thing and I’m not tolerating it on any level. So forgive me for not putting myself in a place where my peace could be threatened because if something happens and I react, I’m the one who has everything to lose and not willing to risk my peace, my family, or my job.”

“I would love to make everyone children’s day but not if I’m putting my own at risk. Please don’t say nothing is going to happen because nobody knows that. I’m sure someone will still have a problem with this and that’s fine as well. If you can’t understand that then it’s because you don’t want to. Take care! Love.”

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