Ex-49ers QB Alex Smith attributes much of Tom Brady’s success to playing in a ‘terrible’ division while ridiculing his ‘mediocrity’ statement

Tom Brady retired from professional football in February 1 this year.

Ex-49ers QB Alex Smith attributes much of Tom Brady’s success to playing in a ‘terrible’ division while ridiculing his ‘mediocrity’ statement

Tom Brady (L - via Imago) and Alex Smith (R - via ESPN)

Tom Brady‘s recent comments on the NFL have garnered a lot of reactions from current and former players. In an interview with ESPN analyst Stephen A. Smith on ‘The Stephen A. Smith Show’, the seven-time Super Bowl champion claimed that there is a lot of ‘mediocrity’ in the league right now. He also talked about the poor coaching in the league in recent times.


New York Jets’ QB Aaron Rodgers and Brady’s former teammate, Rob Gronkowski, spoke in favor of Brady and agreed with his sentiments. However, Miami Dolphins‘ star receiver Tyreek Hill disagreed with Brady. Another former player who publicly disagreed with the former QB is former San Francisco 49ers’ quarterback, Alex Smith.

Smith appeared on the NFL Countdown show featuring Brady’s ex-teammates Randy Moss and Teddy Bruschi. The panel also had former Jets head coach Rex Ryan as Smith responded to Brady’s comments.

My biggest complaint to this and no offense to the three of you guys. He played in the most uncompetitive division in NFL history. I mean, you come out of training camp in the biggest cupcake division, you got a ticket to the playoffs right away. Like, talk about mediocre.

Brady played most of his career with the New England Patriots. The division at that time was one of the worst in the league. Brady went on to win six Super Bowls during his time with the Patriots. Interestingly, Brady’s seventh and final Super Bowl title came under the new rules with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.


Alex Smith asks if Tom Brady will discount his final Super Bowl title

Former Patriots’ quarterback, Tom Brady’s recent comments on the NFL, has not gone well with Alex Smith. He called out Brady for calling the NFL mediocre as he won his final Super Bowl under the new rules just three years ago.

Alex Smith and Tom Brady
Alex Smith and Tom Brady (via Sky Sports)
Listen, I love Tom. The GOAT. But first off, he hasn’t been retired that long. He was just playing. He just won a Super Bowl in the current game. Are we discounting that one?

Brady won his final Super Bowl with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in 2020.

Smith played in the NFL for 16 seasons with three teams. He was drafted first overall by the San Francisco 49ers in the 2005 NFL Draft. He played with the Niners till 2012 before joining the Kansas City Chiefs in 2013. He finished his career in Washington in 2020.

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