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“An act of malicious compliance,” Patriots HC Bill Belichick ignores NFL directive with a surprise move

New England Patriots head coach and general manager Bill Belichick has pulled off a surprise move which has stunned reporters.

Bill Belichick

With the NFL draft out of the way and concluded, teams are now in full fledged preparation for the next season. The new recruits are in and all the teams are busy in reorganizing their rosters and deciding upon their starting lineups.

There is a requirement for all the team’s assistant coaches to hold two press conferences with media houses twice in the offseason. However New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick has found out a hilarious way to get out of this narrative.

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Bill Belichick avoids press conference in an extremely smart way

"An act of malicious compliance," Patriots HC Bill Belichick ignores NFL directive with a surprise move 2

In a surprise move, Bill Belichick has decided to hold the two required press conferences on consecutive days. This hence pretty much renders the second interview useless as not much is expected to change within the gap of a day.

Patriots reporter Mark Daniels has reported this and said that this an act of ‘malice’ on Bill Belichick’s behalf. He goes on further to say that this move ‘stinks’ and the fans don’t really care about this.

Assistant coaches have to talk twice in the offseason. In an act of (‘malicious’) compliance, Belichick has scheduled his assistants to talk today AND tomorrow. It renders tomorrows interviews fairly useless, which is probably the point. You all don’t care. Kind of stinks tho,” said Patriots reporter Mark Daniels.

Belichick should understand that it’s journalists that help maintain info/excitement for the fan base, which really helps pay the bills (i.e. coaches salaries),” said one fan

And the power struggle between the belligerent Boston media and the mercurial(lol) bill belichick continues . Who is hurt by it ? The fans of course .Good job Guys . Pulitzer coming right up 🤦‍♂️,” said another.

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