Patriots’ Bill Belichick getting traded to Commanders ‘sounds’ very real per NFL insiders amidst the firing rumors

Bill Belichick is reportedly on the hotseat following the stretch of poor seasons with the Pats.

Patriots’ Bill Belichick getting traded to Commanders ‘sounds’ very real per NFL insiders amidst the firing rumors

Bill Belichick (Via Imago)

The Bill Belichick trade rumors continue to gain steam as multiple NFL insiders persist that the Washington Commanders are very much interested in roping in the veteran head coach. Belichick is reportedly on the hot seat and the New England Patriots are ready to move from him following the stretch of poor seasons. And now, several insiders including Barstool host Eric Sollenberger, famously known as PFT Commenter on social media, has also agreed with that notion.

During a recent episode of ESPN’s The Pat McAfee Show, Sollenberger talked about the possibility of the Commanders acquiring Bill Belichick and said the rumors sound very true.

Bill Belichick to the Commanders, Why not? I'm here to report. Bill Belichick to the Commanders' stuff is real. It's real baby. It could happen. I'm not making this up.
Sollenberger on The Pat McAfee Show.

Eric Sollenberger is not the only insider who thinks the Commanders could end up acquiring Belichick. On Tuesday, renowned NFL reporter Albert Breer joined The Dan Patrick Show and linked Belichick to the Washington-based football team.

The Washington stuff has been out there for a while. It is something being talked about in NFL circles.
Breer on The Dan Patrick Show.

Belichick has been the head coach of the New England-based football team for more than 2 decades. He hasn’t been doing a great job in the last few years, which resulted in the Patriots having 0 playoff wins since Tom Brady left them back in 2020.

Even in the ongoing season, Belichick and the Patriots have one of the worst records in the league with just 2 wins and 8 losses through the first 11 weeks. Amidst this, the Patriots are looking to move on from their successful head coach and rebuild the team from scratch.


Benjamin Allbright also believes the Commanders are interested in Bill Belichick

Apart from the likes of Albert Breer and Eric Sollenberger, another renowned NFL insider, Benjamin Allbright, also took to social media to share that the Washington Commanders are, indeed, interested in trading for Bill Belichick.

Bill Belichick top 5 NFL coaches with most Patriots losses
Bill Belichick (Image via SI)

Besides, many others including, ESPN’s Dan Orlovsky, also mentioned that Bill Belichick is ready to move on from New England and, he already has a destination in his mind, if he does end up leaving the Pats.

However, some believe Belichick is interested in signing with the Los Angeles Chargers, a team that has a stable quarterback and is ready to compete for a Super Bowl Championship. Belichick hasn’t addressed these rumors and just said that he’s just trying to do the best job he can do with the Patriots in the ongoing season.


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