“Gonna be hard to stop that 3 peat” – Chiefs sign Marquise ‘Hollywood’ Brown for $11 million in an attempt to solve Patrick Mahomes’ WR woes, fans react

Travis Kelce took an advanced role in absence of a proper wide receiver in the last two seasons for the Chiefs.

“Gonna be hard to stop that 3 peat” – Chiefs sign Marquise ‘Hollywood’ Brown for $11 million in an attempt to solve Patrick Mahomes’ WR woes, fans react

Marquise Brown (Image via SI)

In an attempt to get rid of the wide receiver problem, the Kansas City Chiefs have signed WR Marquise ‘Hollywood’ Brown. The former Arizona Cardinals wide receiver had two underwhelming seasons with the team, so they decided not to extend his contract for another season. Browns entered free agency and the Chiefs signed him by giving him a contract worth $11 million. The two parties agreed upon a one-year deal.

Despite winning back-to-back Super Bowls, the absence of a perfect wide receiver had haunted the Chiefs. Last season, the Chiefs had a not-so-good run in the regular season and one of the major reasons was the absence of a receiver. The team lost a few games because their two wide receivers made novice mistakes. Things went so bad that Patrick Mahomes, who had always defended his receivers was frustrated.

Despite all the odds, the Chiefs managed to win consecutive Super Bowls. The gap in the performance of the receivers was fulfilled by the advanced role of Travis Kelce who rose to the ranks. In addition, Isiah Pacheco also had a major involvement in the collective performance of the Chiefs. In this context, the inclusion of Brown will certainly strengthen Mahomes and company at least on paper. The wide receiver also seemed happy to join hands with the Chiefs. In a recent live-streaming video, the WR was seen vibing to a song after receiving the contract from the Chiefs.

Though Brown underperformed in the Cardinals’ color, he has huge potential. His best performance came in the 2021 season when he was targeted by Lamar Jackson, back at Baltimore Ravens, and had more than 1,000 rushing yards. In addition, the RB had 91 receptions. It was the highest in his career.

The fans celebrated the news of Marquise Brown’s arrival on X

If anyone apart from Patrick Mahomes is happy with the Marquise Brown deal then they are the Chiefs’ fans. Since the departure of Tyreek Hill, they never had the good fortune to witness a class receiver. They are hoping for a change in their experience with the addition of Brown.

After winning the second Super Bowl, the Chiefs player said they would go for a three-peat. With the signing of a new receiver, it seems that they are on the right track to achieve their destination.

Marquise Brown
Marquise Brown (Via X/Arizona Sports)

The fans also upheld the view on X. Check out some of the comments that they made on social media:

Brown will have a mammoth task to do in the next season. The back-to-back failures of their wide receivers would make his job a bit difficult. He will have major expectations resting on his shoulders.

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