“Dak’s job is safe” Cowboys legend Daryl Johnston is confident that Dak Prescott will retain his position despite exceptional performance from Cooper Rush

The Cowboys fans want to know who will start between Dak Prescott or Cooper Rush when the former is healthy and Cowboys legend Daryl Johnston has the answer.

The Cowboys have been in exceptional form since Cooper Rush took over from Dak Prescott after the latter suffered a thumb injury in the game against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Cooper Rush has played 2 games as the Cowboy’s starting QB and has won both of them. Rush was the driving force behind both the wins and gave exceptional MVP performances. Rush has been a revelation and has given hope to the Cowboys this season.

Many people expect Cooper Rush to be the starting QB even when Dak Prescott is completely healthy but Cowboys legend Daryl ‘Moose’ Johnston thinks otherwise.

According to Daryl Johnston, it is very rare that a backup QB takes over from an injured player and keeps his place. Johnston believes that Dak Prescott will start every game when he will have recovered from his injury.

“I’m a believer that you don’t lose your job due to an injury — especially if you were one of the starters, one of the best players at your position in the NFL,” Daryl Johnston told TMZ this week.

This is a very rare scenario where a backup QB can fully replace the starter but it seems that Cooper Rush will have to rush to the bench as soon as Dak Prescott recovers.

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“It’s going to be hard for Cooper Rush to create that type of controversy” Daryl Johnston believes that it’s nearly impossible to bench Dak Prescott

Cooper Rush Dak Prescott
"Dak's job is safe" Cowboys legend Daryl Johnston is confident that Dak Prescott will retain his position despite exceptional performance from Cooper Rush 2

Dak Prescott is a fan favourite QB, not just in the Cowboys but also in the NFL. The QB has a high brand value with many endorsements and a huge contract that enables him to be a starter for the Cowboys.

When Cowboys owner Jerry Jones was asked about the situation regarding the quarterback, Jones stated that he would really like some competition for the starting spot as it will increase the quality of the team.

Cooper Rush delivered a QB rating of 95.5 against the Bengals and 98.2 against the Giants. These are exceptional numbers and Cooper Rush should get all the credit but it’s highly unlikely that the Cowboys management will start Rush over the favourite Dak Prescott.

Daryl Johnston later stated that Cooper Rush has already established himself as the premier backup quarterback in the league after his breakthrough performance for the Cowboys.

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