Dan Orlovsky claims Raiders WR Davante Adams should force a trade if he wants to save his ‘Hall of Fame’ career

The Raiders not willing to trade wide receiver Davante Adams anytime soon.

Dan Orlovsky claims Raiders WR Davante Adams should force a trade if he wants to save his ‘Hall of Fame’ career

Dan Orlovsky and Davante Adams. (Via Sky Sports/ESPN)

As the Las Vegas Raiders had their third loss in a row, the team’s wide receiver Davante Adam had his frustration level up to the level. Prior to the game, the wide receiver asked to get more balls as his involvement in the Raiders offense was decreasing with each game.

Having been named first-team All-Pro for three consecutive years, Adams is building a ‘Hall of Fame’ career in football. However, his position in the Raiders’ offense seems to put his career in jeopardy as claimed by the ESPN football analyst Dan Orlovsky.


During a conversation about ‘Should Davante Adams demand a trade from Raiders?’ Dan said:

He should have to be traded. His 'Hall of Fame' career is being wasted right now. Davante Adams is a Hall of Famer..he is trending towards being a Hall of Famer. He is being wasted in Las Vegas right now. 

Dan Orlovsky continued by saying:

Given how great of a talent he is, I don't want to see that player in person wasting away in a place where we don't get to see him in the biggest moment.

Beforehand, there were rumors about Adams getting traded by the Raiders. Last week, he shared his frustration with the Raiders’ offense this season. Yet, the Raiders have made it clear that they won’t be letting go of wide receiver Adams anytime soon, despite his dissatisfaction with the team.


One significant source of Adams’ frustration with the Raiders might be Derek Carr. They were good friends and played together at Fresno State, which played a part in Adams joining the Raiders. However, the team released quarterback Carr in February this year.

Davante Adams is not happy with his role in the Raiders team

Though the Las Vegas Raiders had an impression opening this season, their wide receiver didn’t seem to be that happy. In Week 3, Adams recorded catching just six passes for 74 yards in two games combined.

Davante Adams
Davante Adams (via Sporting News)

With each game, his involvement in the Raiders offense went down the graph. And he most certainly wasn’t happy with that.

I'm a human being and I have extremely high standards for myself in this offense. I'm not here to hang out, I came here to win and to do it the right way.
Davante Adams said during a conversation with ESPN

He explained that though the team won the game, he wasn’t satisfied with the process. The wide receiver knows his potential and he is willing to prove that on the field if he gets that chance.

Adams’ code for the right way is being upfront in the game and playing a key role in the victory. With his potential and capabilities of being a game-changer player, Adams isn’t wrong with his stance either.

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