Dan Orlovsky still believes Jalen Hurts and Brock Purdy might have an edge over Dak Prescott in the NFC

Dan Orlovsky is not yet putting the Dallas Cowboys on the same level as the Philadelphia Eagles and San Francisco 49ers.

Dan Orlovsky still believes Jalen Hurts and Brock Purdy might have an edge over Dak Prescott in the NFC

Dak Prescott and Dan Orlovsky. (via AFP/ESPN)

The NFC East is no longer the worst division in football. It has managed to make a resurgence and arguably, become the most competitive division. The Dallas Cowboys have had a great season so far going 8-3. The team has an opportunity to make it all the way to the Super Bowl provided that Dak Prescott shows up when the lights are the brightest.

Dan Orlovsky of ESPN believes that despite Dallas having a great team, the Philadelphia Eagles and the San Francisco 49ers are better than them. The analyst attributed this to the team’s quarterbacks- Jalen Hurts and Brock Purdy. He still believes Hurts and Purdy still have a slight edge over Prescott in the NFC. The analyst went on to give Dak Prescott his flowers by appreciating the improvements he has managed to make this season.

I still believe that Jalen Hurts and Brock Purdy are playing just as good if not better than Dak Prescott and we have evidence against better teams.One of the big changes is...the legs and the advancement of that this season...I do love Dak.
Dan Orlovksy on Get Up

Prescott is throwing the ball better than he did last year and this season. He has also been making use of his legs to move in the pocket. However, Dan Orlovsky is not fully convinced about the Cowboys this season because of this one disturbing statistic.

Here's my whole pushback of the whole Dallas is the best and Dak is the best. There's three teams in the NFL that do not have a win with versus a team that is a .500 record or better.

The teams are the New York Giants, the Chicago Bears, and the Dallas Cowboys. Due to this, Dan Orlovsky is not ready to put the Cowboys on the same footing as the Philadelphia Eagles or the San Francisco 49ers just yet.

The Dallas Cowboys have not beaten major Super Bowl contenders this season

The Eagles have proven that they can hold their weight against the top teams in the NFL such as the Kansas City Chiefs. Dallas has beaten teams that are much inferior to it but when they have gone up against teams that are competitive enough, they have come up short.

Dak Prescott and Dan Orlovsky
Dak Prescott and Dan Orlovsky (via AP/ESPN)

Dan Orlovsky believes this Cowboys team has all the potential needed to win but they have to go out there and perform in important games. The biggest game on their schedule so far was the matchup in Week 5 against the San Francisco 49ers. It was the biggest test of the season, one in which Dallas failed to do well as they were beaten 42-10. With 5 more games left to go this season, Dallas will face yet another challenge when they face the Eagles in Week 14.

The last time, the Cowboys nearly beat Philly but Jalen Hurts and co. managed to pull through with the win. The team can easily win another 3 games this season. The pivotal factor that will determine the fate of the Dallas Cowboys will be Dak Prescott and whether he will rise to the occasion when needed.

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