DaRon Bland assesses the importance of winning close games in the ‘longer run’ following 41-35 win over the Seahawks

Cowboys rallied back with a 41-35 win against the Seahawks after an interception logged by Bland.

DaRon Bland assesses the importance of winning close games in the ‘longer run’ following 41-35 win over the Seahawks

DaRon Bland (Via Open Source/X)

Good news for Dallas Cowboys cornerback DaRon Bland came out earlier this week when he was named the NFC Defensive Player of the Month. It sure was the right selection as he, along with his team Dallas rallied late in the game, against the Seattle Seahawks.

Despite eight wins this season, the Cowboys had the image that they hadn’t beaten any strong contenders. But this game against Seattle sure changes that reputation. Though the path wasn’t easy. Before the big game, the Cowboys had already made sure that they were primarily focusing on Seattle, rather than on December 10 opponents Philadelphia Eagles.


Seattle, standing with six wins, hooked up a 73-yard touchdown by quarterback Geno Smith and wide receiver DK Metcalf, right past Bland during their first possession. The second possession they did was for a 34-yard gain, increasing their points to 35. Though it took the Cowboys some time, they did rally back with a 41-35 win after an interception logged by Bland.

After the game, while addressing the media, cornerback Bland asserted the team needed such a win moving forward in the league.

It just reminds you nothing is easy in this league. We needed a game like this to keep us prepared for the long run after this.

After claiming a win over the Seahawks, Dallas would get an opportunity to showcase the lessons they learned in week 13, in the coming game against the strongest contender this season, the Eagles standing with 10-1.


Dak Prescott finally into the MVP conversation

After leading his team to a 41-35 win over the Seahawks, quarterback Dak Prescott seemed to have entered the widely discussed MVP conversation. In the Thursday game, the quarterback made a remarkable comeback after hitting Jake Ferguson for a 12-yard go-ahead touchdown pass, leaving the rest up to Micah Parsons and the strong defense, in just 4:37 minutes remaining in the game.

Dak Prescott
Dak Prescott (Via AP News)

Recording 299 yards and three touchdowns, the Cowboys’ QB Prescott gave a remarkable performance. He may be the most polarizing player in the league. However, this performance even forced the haters to credit him somehow. Counting from last month, Prescott has passed for 2,173 yards along with 21 touchdowns and only two interceptions.

With this week 12 win, Dallas is standing with a 9-3, facing next to the divisional rivals, the Eagles in week 14. But the interesting thing is, that Prescott has already started playing at the MVP level, as he may already a top contender in the MVP conversation.


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