DeAndre Hopkins ‘optimistic’ about Titans offense this season following Calvin Ridley’s addition

Calvin Ridley signed a four-year deal worth $92 million with the Titans.

DeAndre Hopkins ‘optimistic’ about Titans offense this season following Calvin Ridley’s addition

Calvin Ridley and DeAndre Hopkins (via AP/IMAGO)

The Tennessee Titans have had a roller-coaster of an offseason. The team lost running back Derrick Henry to free agency but made up for it by signing Jacksonville Jaguars wide receiver Calvin Ridley to a four-year contract worth $92 million. This marked an instant change in the culture of the Titans’ offense as it indicates the team will now transition to relying more on passing than the run game.

With DeAndre Hopkins and Calvin Ridley, the Tennessee Titans have managed to create a dual-threat system and are likely to further add more pieces on offense through the NFL Draft. Head coach Brian Callahan revealed his strategy will be to move Ridley around to maximize his potential.

Hopkins is equally excited if not more after the arrival of Ridley. The five-time Pro Bowler revealed that his addition will make it “hard to key on one of us” and will take this offense to another level.

Hopkins, at the NFL Owners Meeting, focused on his personal growth as a player in the last couple of years. He said that he now believes that he can have success anywhere on the field and with Ridley’s arrival, sky is the limit for him.

I think my game is not just being on the outside, or on the inside. I've tried to take pride in that over the past couple of years, focusing on beating guys on the inside. Earlier in my career I was just kind of really on the outside, and I realized that I could have success everywhere on the field. And I think just utilizing me wherever I am needed....I can be useful...I think the sky is the limit, especially after getting a guy like Calvin. So I am very excited about this offense.
Ridley said.

The Tennessee Titans will look significantly different when compared to last season

DeAndre Hopkins believes he is capable of doing whatever is necessary to get the team to win. While his expertise lies when he plays on the inside and beats defensive backs with relative ease there, he can still run routes and catch balls running outside routes as he has shown in his earlier days when he was in Houston.

Calvin Ridley
Calvin Ridley (via Imago)

But with the addition of Calvin Ridley, the pressure on Hopkins to do everything will subside. He now has a wide receiver alongside him who can play well on the outside which means they both can do what they are good at and help the team win. The presumption at this moment is that Will Levis will be the quarterback for the team moving forward but there is no guarantee about that.

If the Titans get the right quarterback and get the chemistry right, then there is no denying that this team can do some serious damage. The team will now turn its focus on improving its defense and in the coming weeks, the Titans will target free-agent safeties and veteran linebackers to come in and make an immediate impact.

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