49ers WR Deebo Samuel left in awe of Caitlin Clark after her authoritative outing against Angel Reese’s LSU

Caitlin Clark made history for Iowa women's basketball by leading the Hawkeyes to back-to-back Final Four.

49ers WR Deebo Samuel left in awe of Caitlin Clark after her authoritative outing against Angel Reese’s LSU

Deebo Samuel and Caitlin Clark (Via Imago/NCAA.org)

Well, Caitlin Clark once again proved why is credited for saving Women’s basketball. With 41 points and 12 assists, the Iowa star again led the Hawkeyes to the Final Four after bashing the LSU Tigers by 94-87. 


She not only took revenge for the 2023 national championship game which the Tigers won but also made history for Iowa women’s basketball by leading the HawKeyes to back-to-back Final Four. She is being admired by many in the Sports world, especially in the NFL. After Chris Jones, there’s another star player who was stunned to see a talent such as Clark. 

After leading his team to the Super Bowl last season, the San Francisco 49ers star receiver Deebo Samuel dedicated a special X post for the NCAA all-time leading scorer for her outing against the prominent basketball player, Angel Reese

Bruhhhh Caitlyn Clark can’t be guarded !!!!!
Deebo Samuel wrote on

Despite the intense and authoritative game, both Reese and Clark have no bad blood between them, as they were seen embracing each other with a hug and whispering something in each other’s ears. When asked what it was, the LSU star revealed Clark said, “Continue to be great player,” and Reese wished her the same. 


49ers face tough decisions with Deebo Samuel and Brandon Aiyuk’s contracts

Many believe having two amazing wide receivers such as Samuel and Brandon Aiyuk is a great offensive weapon for the Niners. While it is true, it also puts the franchise in a great dilemma with their contract situations. 

Deebo Samuel and Brandon Aiyuk
Deebo Samuel and Brandon Aiyuk (Via Yahoo)

After the Super Bowl LVIII, wide receiver Aiyuk have made it very clear that he wants a lucrative deal with the 49ers despite being receiver No. 2. The 49ers already have Samuel at $24 million annual salary, so if they give Aiyuk more than that, it would surpass their salary cap significantly. 

Given, that having these two-star receivers on the roster led the Niners straight to the Super Bowl as NFC champions, the 49ers wouldn’t want to compromise on that for next season, especially since the Kansas City Chiefs are targeting a three-peat. But with the contract drama, if the franchise fails to satisfy Aiyuk’s demand, he may land in another team as receiver No. 1. 

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