“I can’t BLAME HIM!”: Chiefs guard Trey Smith says he completely understands Tyreek Hill’s decision to join Dolphins

Kansas City Chiefs guard Trey Smith has said he understands why Tyreek Hill joined the Miami Dolphins who gave him a four-year extension worth $120 million.

Trey Smith
Trey Smith

Tyreek Hill was consistently one of the best players for National Football League (NFL) team the Kansas City Chiefs and formed a formidable partnership with quarterback Patrick Mahomes.

Tyreek Hill recorded 6,630 receiving yards and 56 touchdowns during his time with the Kansas City Chiefs. While many were angry with the fact that Tyreek Hill decided to join the Dolphins, former teammate Trey Smith has supported him.

Trey Smith supports Tyreek Hill’s decision to join the Miami Dolphins

Tyreek Hill
Tyreek Hill

Trey Smith said that in the NFL the coaches and the front office executives will take decisions that’s best for the team and not the players. Hence he supports Tyreek Hill’s decision to join the Miami Dolphins as he believes that Hill deserves to be paid a lot given the quality he possesses.

Yeah, the coaches are gonna do what they think is best for the organization and for the team. And I can’t blame Tyreek; he’s getting paid,” Smith said. “I’ll never blame a guy to get paid but he’s got to do what’s best for him. I’m really excited to see what he does in Miami, wishing him well.”

“I love watching Tyreek. He’s one of the coolest dudes to watch on the field. I’ve never seen someone move like that. The attitude, demeanor, the swag he brings on the field, it’s fun to watch, man. It was fun to be around,” Smith said.

“I think our front office does a fantastic job. I think we have one of the best front offices in the league,” he said. “I think they did a fantastic job in the draft and really reloading so we’re ready and set up, in a good position this year.”

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