“I felt it was a taunting attack,” Jim Rome and Jim Everett’s epic feud from 27 years ago still continues

Take a look at a throwback event as to what happened between Jim Rome and Jim Everett in 1994 when Rome had Everett on the ESPN2 show, Talk2.

Jim Rome and Jim Everett

The Jim Rome-Jim Everest feud is one of the most infamous moments in NFL sporting history. The former Los Angeles Rams quarterback, Jim Everett was continuously targetted by Jim Rome – a hotshot new sportscaster.

Jim Rome would taunt Everett at all times during his live shows and referred to him as Chris Everett, a female tennis player. This was all done to take a sarcastic dig at Jim Everett’s manliness.

Jim Rome and Jim Everett’s feud was the talk of the town in the NFL during the 1990s

Jim Rome
Jim Rome

However, at one point Jim Everett was bound to snap and this eventually happened and that too on live television. Rome called Jim Everett once again ‘Chris’ and this time the former was ready to give him back an earful.

“You know what, you’ve been calling me that for about the last five years,” Everett said. “If you guys want to take a station break, you can,” Everett said. “But if you call me Chris Evert to my face one more time, we better take a station break.” 

Jim Rome didn’t take this warning seriously and proceeded to call him Chris yet again and this time things got heated up. Jim Everett flipped over the table and took Jim Rome with him to the floor. The producers had to calm him down.

“I’ve had to listen to this (on Rome’s radio show) for three years. I’m sorry. I just snapped. Really don’t condone my actions, but I was put in a position that I thought was going to be in a journalistic-type interview and, instead, I was put into what I felt was a taunting attack,” he said. “I don’t regret what I did.”

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