“I ain’t taking f***ing days off ’cause I can’t be great that way”: Jarvis Landry’s locker room speech showcases his fearlessness and leadership skills

The New Orleans Saints' newest wideout Jarvis Landry is not only an outstanding wideout but also an amazing leader who is vocal in the locker room

Jarvis Landry
Jarvis Landry

The Cleveland Browns released one of their top receivers in Jarvis Landry on the 14th of Mach after his agent and the team could not come to a common consensus on a restructured contract that would retain him in Cleveland. Landry secured permission to attempt to seek a trade from Cleveland after the team got Pro Bowl wideout, Amari Cooper.

Landry has now officially gone back home, to the New Orleans Saints. He is not new to the area as he graduated out of LSU which makes him the second receiver from the college to become a part of the Saints in the past two weeks after the signing of Tyrann ‘Honeybadger’ Mathieu from the Kansas City Chiefs. Though the Browns may not have appeared to lose much, the role that Landry played in the locker room as a leader was immense and is something that will surely be missed.

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“Ain’t nobody gonna get better by being on the sidelines”: Jarvis Landry

Jarvis Landry
Landry was sick of the negative attitude prevailing in the Browns’ locker room

Jarvis Landry is a vocal and outspoken person in the locker room, he is a leader for the wideouts and is someone that motivates his fellow players and keeps it as real as possible with them. In a recent recording that surfaced courtesy of NFL Films, Landry is seen giving one heck of a speech to the Cleveland Browns receiving core about being available and about showing up when the team needs them.

That’s been here in the past and that’s why the past has been like it is, That s***t is over with here, if you can practice, PRACTICE! You can’t get no better, ain’t nobody gonna get better by being on the f*****g sidelines IF YOU AIN’T HURT. If you’re not f*****g hurt you gotta practice,” Landry was pretty enraged at his teammates over their attitude and how casually they were sitting on the bench despite being healthy. He believes that this attitude hurts the entire morale of the team.

The Browns have had a disappointing record in the past and Landry was sick of the attitude of the players in the locker room. He was expressing his frustration over being unable to play and share the field with his brothers as he had been out due to a knee sprain that he suffered in Week 2 that rendered him ineligible to play for 5 weeks. He ended up finishing the season with just 52 receptions and 570 yards for 4 TDs, which was an all-time career low for him.

He goes on to encourage his teammates by telling them that by practicing and working hard every single day, they make the others around them better and motivate them, however, by not practicing when they are completely fit and healthy they are being unfair to their teammates and the odds of them getting hurt go higher as they have to bear the brunt of the workload.

I’m hurt and I’m tired just like everyone here but I ain’t taking no more days off cause I can’t be great that way, that gotta be attitude and mentality all the time, all that weak s**t don’t live here no more, it’s contagious, it’s really contagious,” said Jarvis. Landry is right, the entire locker room’s morale goes down because of a few players with a negative mindset, the Saints locker room definitely needs a player with the leadership skills of Landry, the team is lacking a serious leader as WR Michael Thomas is not as outspoken as Landry is. Nevertheless, the New Orleans Saints will not have to worry about team morale and commitment with the arrival of Landry on the team.

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