“I wouldn’t bet against this team”: Jason Garrett shuts down all the criticism of the Dallas Cowboys’ offseason

Former Dallas Cowboys HC Jason Garrett expresses full faith in his team to have a better season in comparison to last year and catch the entire NFL by surprise with their performance

Jason Garrett and Dak Prescott

The Dallas Cowboys have had one of the worst offseasons across the entire league, every analyst and fan has questioned what the team is trying to do with their roster as instead of upgrading it, they have downgraded it on paper. They lost Amari Cooper, one of the top receivers and now all the load is on CeeDee Lamb to take his game up to the next level. In this year’s NFL Draft as well, the team did not fare well as they ended up making an unusual pick in Tyler Smith in the first round.

The team has a new Head Coach Mike McCarthy who will be entering his third season with the team and he also carries Super Bowl experience with him. Owner Jerry Jones is as optimistic as ever about the team and their picks and believes that they will be better than last year this season as they have a healthy Ezekiel Elliott who is in the best shape of his life, a hungry Dak Prescott, and immense talent on the remainder of their roster.

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“It’s a really good football team”: Jason Garrett is very optimistic about the Dallas Cowboys this season

Jason Garrett and Dak Prescott
Jason Garrett believes the Cowboys will go a long way under Dak Prescott’s leadership

Former Cowboys Coach Jason Garrett may not be known for his wins but he is remembered as someone who gave a lot of his time towards trying to make the team get over its Super Bowl slump since 1996. Though he failed and was blamed as the reason the team kept falling short every season, he did get to know most of the players on the current roster since when they were drafted as rookies into the league.

He appeared on The Rich Eisen Show and gave his two cents on how the team is likely to fare this upcoming NFL season. “They had an awfully good year last year, they didn’t get the job done against San Francisco in the playoff game, so the starting point is that it’s a really good football team and I know any of those guys, we drafted many of them. I know the kind of men they have in that locker room and the leaders they have in that locker room and there’s no doubt in my mind that they’re going to respond the right way,” Jason Garrett states believing that the upset against the 49ers was unexpected last season. He had high praise for the character of the members of that team and he expects them to bounce back and catch the entire league by surprise.

“One of the things that has been really impressive about the organization and the team is that they have continued the offseason program, the workouts that have been such a big part of that program this past year. You hear stories about everybody being there, 100 percent attendance, all throughout the offseason program,” Jason Garrett adds that the Cowboys players are committed to the organization and the proof is in the pudding. It is an impressive thing to record 100 percent attendance in the practice sessions and this also helps increase the bond between the guys better.

I know Tyron Smith, Zach Martin, Dak Prescott, Zeke Elliott, and all those guys they have are cornerstone players on that team. They got a lot of really good cornerstone players on that team who have been great players for a long time and they are excited about the young players that they have. I wouldn’t bet against this team,” Garrett concluded. The reason for the Cowboys’ success will be the team’s core players and they are all good vocal leaders which is exactly what any team needs. You do not need talent all over the field, you need some amount of talent and a lot of passion, discipline, and hunger which according to Jason Garrett, this team has.

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