“God amongst men”: Arizona Cardinals DE JJ Watt had his heart shocked back to life before the game against the Panthers

Defensive End JJ Watt reportedly went into atrial fibrillation earlier today and had to have his heart shocked back to life, he is still playing despite the health condiition.

JJ Watt
JJ Watt

Football is a dangerous sport, at times, athletes end up risking their lives over plays despite knowing that there is a 50 percent chance that they may end up being injured after the play. It all comes down to how badly you want it, and what are you willing to sacrifice to win the game, and we saw that in the Dolphins game last week when QB Tua Tagovailoa played with a suspected concussion. This week, it is JJ Watt, the defensive end for the Arizona Cardinals who reportedly went into atrial fibrillation on Wednesday.

Atrial Fibrillation is a condition when the heart begins to beat irregularly and the blood flow to the upper chambers of the heart is not consistent, this could happen in brief episodes or could be a permanent condition for some as well. It is usually caused by the heart’s structure or coronary heart disease. JJ Watt endured this on Wednesday and his heart was shocked back into rhythm on Thursday.

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JJ Watt is cleared to play in the game against the Panthers despite the health scare:

JJ Watt could have possibly had a blod clot or worse
JJ Watt could have possibly had a blood clot or worse

By getting his heart shocked, Watt was able to get back into the regular rhythm of having a consistent heart rate, though atrial fibrillation may not be the worst, it is one of the health conditions that could very well go wrong easily. At times, it becomes easier for blood clots to form, or worse, if clots break off, they could enter the bloodstream, and if they make their way into an artery that leads to the brain, a stroke is almost always guaranteed.

JJ Watt had no intentions to reveal this news to the public, however, like any other news in the NFL, it was about to be leaked and the defensive end figured its best he address it himself rather than have some external source generate additional rumors. What is shocking is that Watt is playing today against the Carolina Panthers despite this health scare. Fans across the league expressed concern and appreciation for Watt’s dedication, take a look:

JJ Watt’s the best human being, definitely wish nothing but the best for him.


Watt’s thrown around 200+ pound offensive linemen and tackles around like they were skittles, what’s a minor health scare got on him?

His dedication is insane.

If only NFL doctors actively preached this philosophy.

If you know, you know.

It’s all in your head, JJ Watt is truly built differently.

Maybe, but if the athlete is not complaining, the organization would not intervene and tell him to sit out either.

Do not see anything wrong here.

Always rooting for Watt, a great guy indeed!

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