“John Gruden and Mark Davis are out for BLOOD not cash”: Attorney believes that Roger Goodell will be out of a job very soon

“John Gruden and Mark Davis are out for BLOOD not cash”: Attorney believes that Roger Goodell will be out of a job very soon

The NFL should probably change its name from National Football League to the National Forum for Lawsuits. The league has been facing multiple cases over the past years, Deshaun Watson’s case does not involve the league directly but it could if the punishment awarded to the QB is not enough once an independent inquiry is complete, John Gruden, the former coach of the Las Vegas Raiders who was fired over a bunch of leaked emails wherein he was caught using racist language has ended up filing a lawsuit against the league with high-profile lawyers and a sound case.


The nail in the coffin for the league is the case filed by Brian Flores, the former Miami Dolphins coach against the league over discriminatory hiring practices. A bunch of other coaches have also joined this lawsuit which makes it worse for the league. Coming to Gruden’s case against the NFL, it could end up costing Roger Goodell his job as per Las Vegas Attorney Sam Mirejovsky.

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“Gruden’s lawsuit against the NFL is the real deal”: Vegas Attorney believes this case has a solid standing

John Gruden
John Gruden is all smiles after the NFL suffered a setback as their attempt to dismiss his case failed

Considering a Nevada district court judge has ruled that the case can proceed to open court and not via a confidential arbitration process that the league had earlier requested, the entire case has taken a turn, and it has become worse for the NFL. Sam believes that due to this ruling, “Gruden’s lawsuit against the NFL and Commissioner Roger Goodell is the real deal.”


Gruden settled all his pending claims against the Raiders as soon as he was fired, he wasted no time in hiring the same attorneys who made sure to put him out of a job to file this lawsuit against the NFL and Roger Goodell. Mark Davis is also a party to this case.

Since Mark Davis is supporting Gruden in his stance, the league has to be more worried because he has the funding to drag this case for as long as it goes. John Gruden’s case was not dismissed, his legal team now reserves the right to begin the discovery process to find out if the league Commissioner and the NFL conspired against him and the Raiders.

The lawyers will go through emails, memos, phone logs, text messages, and any form of data that they can get their hands on to support their claim. Gruden’s team has the right to demand that Goodell sit for a deposition and give testimony under oath.

There is not much the league can do to get out of this, no company or any sports organization such as the NFL would want lawyers rummaging through their files and drawers, the only way a defendant can stop any skeletons from falling out of their closet is by offering a sum of money to the plaintiff that they just cannot say no to.


But that is out of the question here, Mark Davis and Gruden are out for blood, they do not care about money which makes it the NFL’s worst nightmare. Sam predicts that “The suit will ultimately cost Goodell his job. With adversaries like Gruden and Favis, Goodell faces a discovery effort that will look to uncover evidence of Goodell’s own wrongdoing. In today’s digital world- the same one that thing Gruden out to dry. I find it inconceivable that there isn’t something out there that could kill Goodell’s career. Perhaps an unflattering email? A disparaging text about a group of powerful owners? Sexist or racist comments? Evidence of an affair? Misuse of NFL Funds? Yes, the scope of discovery is limited to the case at hand but the discovery has a way of finding all skeletons.

The league will appeal the ruling but sooner or later the discovery process is bound to take place. Goodell’s career as the league’s commissioner hangs in the balance.

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