“Aaron and Tom are going to have a hard time,” Josh Allen makes a bold claim on veteran QBs before teaming up with Patrick Mahomes for ‘The Match’

Check out what Josh Allen said on Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers ahead of The Match.

Josh Allen on Tom Brady and Rodgers

The Match involving the highly esteemed quarterbacks of the NFL is all set to be played on the 1st of June. Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers will team up to play against the up and coming duo of Patrick Mahomes and Josh Allen in what will be a highly exciting contest for all NFL lovers.

What might seem as a friendly encounter between the quarterbacks on the golf field, has started to take a bit of competitive edge to it. Buffalo Bills star man Josh Allen started it off by making a bold prediction of what is to come.

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Josh Allen warned Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers ahead of their Golf match

Josh Allen
Josh Allen

Josh Allen felt that his off field friendship with Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes will help them, get their communication better on the golf course. Speaking further he claimed that Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers will find it more difficult to gel as a unit than them.

“Tom and Aaron, they want to be the one to make the shot,” Josh Allen said. “I don’t think they’re going to be too pumped when the other one makes a putt.”

“As far as me and Pat goes, we’re going to be excited for each other making putts, as long as we are making putts. I think Aaron and Tom are going to have a harder time playing together than me and Pat.”

Allen is an avid golfer and trash talker, but he’s hoping his golf speaks for itself in the 12-hole contest. He has already started the trash talking, hoping that it impacts the quality of golf from the veteran quarterbacks.

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