“I’m a one-team guy”: Julian Edelman quashes rumors regarding reunion with Tom Brady with a blunt statement

Here's what Julian Edelman stated when he was asked about the chances of him joining the Buccaneers

Julian Edelman and Tom Brady
Julian Edelman and Tom Brady

The Bucs were definitely in trouble when Tom Brady decided to call it quits a little while ago. A couple more players left the franchise and the air around Rob Gronkowski’s availability was not clear. However, Tom surprised everyone by announcing his comeback just a few weeks after retiring.

As soon as he came back, things started to look better for the Bucs and everyone started hoping that he will bring some more talent back to the team. In fact, not long ago, Brady had posted a video of himself working out with former Patriots wide receiver Julian Edelman. “Still the best way to get some cardio in,” Tom had captioned the video.

Julian Edelman is not interested in a reunion with Tom Brady at the Bucs

Julian Edelman
Julian Edelman

The NFL world went crazy after the video came out and given that Tom is someone who had convinced Gronk to come out of retirement, fans started speculating about Edelman coming out of retirement. Moreover, on 1st April, Edelman announced that he has joined the Bucs.

However, the announcement was nothing but just an April Fool joke. After that, the chatter around Julian joining hands with Brady started dying out but it never completely vanished. Most recently, Julian was recently seen on the “Green Light with Chris Long” podcast when the 2022 draft was on in full flow.

On the show, Julian addressed the rumors about him joining Tom Brady’s Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Much to the disappointment of many fans, Julian had a rather blunt response in store. “Nah, man. I’m a one-team guy,” he claimed.

Although a comeback from retirement is still not out of the question for Edelman but after this particular statement, it’s clear that he is not interested in joining the Buccaneers in the near future.

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