“CTE got Jules as well”: Fans mock Julian Edelman over his list of the top 3 wide receivers in the NFL

Julian Edelman received a lot of flak for his list of the top-3 wide receivers in the entire NFL, take a look at his list and the reactions of fans

Julian Edelman
Julian Edelman

Julian Edelman has been out of the NFL for a year now, though that may not be a long time, he has reached the age where a wide receiver begins to decline in terms of performance. The former Patriots star and one of Tom Brady’s trusted and go-to targets recently appeared on a podcast where he spoke about his future plans and reports hinting at a comeback as well.

Jules was one of the top wideouts in the NFL for a long time, maybe not a star-like Cooper Kupp or Davante Adams but whenever he was needed he showed up. Edelman has garnered a reputation for shining in the most crucial of moments in the game. The wideout ranks first in New England Patriots’ all-time history for the most postseason receptions. Not bad for a seventh-round draft pick.

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“Keenan ain’t even top 5”: Fans are surprised to see Keenan Allen on Julian Edelman’s list of top 3 wideouts in the league

Julian Edelman
Julian Edelman

During the podcast, Edelman was asked to rank the top 3 wide receivers in the NFL right now. His list was rather bizarre, he chose Davante Adams for the first spot, Keenan Allen at number two, and Cooper Kupp at three. Though it is not surprising to see Adams and Kupp on that list, Keenan Allen was a rather unexpected player on that list. Here is how NFL fans reacted to Julian’s list:

He’s not box office like Adams or Kupp but if you check his stats over the years, he’s been playing at a high level consistently and the fact that he is on the Chargers has resulted in him being underrated.

Probably because his team has not been to the postseason a whole lot.

Ah, the first wideout who is expected to be worth a billion dollars.

The Mike Evans disrespect train is just ridiculous, the man deserves a lot more respect.

At least he didn’t tell his own name.

Not on the football field.

That is just plain outright hate. His consistency and route-running have earned him the title of the best wideout on the LA Chargers.

What are your thoughts on Edelman’s list? Do you agree or disagree with it?

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