“Catch the f**king ball!” Julian Edelman recalls how a ‘furious’ Tom Brady once made him cry with his HARSH words

Tom Brady and Julian Edelman are one of the best wide receiver-QB tandems of all time.

“Catch the f**king ball!” Julian Edelman recalls how a ‘furious’ Tom Brady once made him cry with his HARSH words

Tom Brady with Julian Edelman (Image via Boston Globe)

Tom Brady and Julian Edelman are one of the best wide receiver-quarterback tandems in the NFL’s century-long history. Their team, New England Patriots, dominated the football field for nearly a decade. However, Edelman wasn’t even meant to play receiver as he played quarterback during his college days. When Edelman first stepped on the football field as a wideout, he got yelled at by Brady for being sloppy and dropping the ball.


During a recent episode of Edelman’s ‘Games With Names’ podcast, the former Patriots receiver told the story of the first time he played as a pass catcher for the New England-based franchise.

“First pass ever from Tom, they put in a package with four receivers, a four-wide group,” said Edelman. “They gave me a play and I’d never played receiver, but they created a package for me and they’re like, ‘Alright, Edelman, get in.’ I run like a hook route and Tom darts it on me, and I tried to run before I had it ’cause I wanted to do something with it, dropped the ball. He [Brady] goes, ‘Catch the f**king ball, Julian.’”

The aftermath of Tom Brady‘s harsh words was significant, and the 5’10” wide receiver had to work hard to earn his quarterback’s trust over a long period of time. “I went home and cried,” Edelman added.“I felt pretty sh-tty for like four days. It took me so long to earn his trust after that f–king play, it took me like three years to earn his trust back.”


Nonetheless, it seems like it all worked out well in the end for Julian Edelman as he ended up winning three Super Bowl rings and one Super Bowl MVP during his tenure with the Patriots.

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Julian Edelman helped Tom Brady win 3 Super Bowl wins

Tom Brady Buccaneers Patriots Why did Tom Brady leave the Patriots
Tom Brady (Image via Getty Images)

The Kent State quarterback Julian Edelman was drafted by the Patriots in the seventh round (232nd overall) of the 2009 NFL Draft. Despite playing as QB in high school and college, Edelman surprisingly ended up playing as a wideout for the Pats.

It took a long time for Edelman to get the groove of his new position in New England but he finally had a breakout season in his 5th year in the NFL. Edelman didn’t even register a 400+ receiving yards season in his first 4 years.


But in his 5th year, the wideout caught 105 passes for 1056 yards and 6 receiving touchdowns. From then, he played a big role in the Patriots dynasty and helped Tom Brady and the Pats to win three Super Bowl rings from 2009-2019.

Following a horrible campaign in an injury-riddled 2020 season, Edelman retired from the game in 2021. He is currently working as an analyst in Showtime’s highly popular “Inside the NFL” show.

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