“KC getting tasty; three first-round picks for the Texans third overall pick” in the 2022 NFL draft

Take a look at Good Morning Football’s draft, where the hosts presented us with a very interesting scenario

Kansas City Chiefs x Texans

We are just a day away from the official NFL draft 2022, in the wake of this, mock drafts are as popular as ever, speculating which player will go at what number. As we know, the NFL drafts aren’t that simple either, teams can offer picks to trade up for positions that they are in need of the most. Today, we take a look at Good Morning Football’s draft, where the hosts present us with a very interesting and realistic scenario.

In this year’s draft, the Houston Texans have the third overall pick, the team is on the clock, and low and behold, the phone rings. “It’s coming from a +913-area code.” It’s none other than Kansas City Chiefs GM Brett Veach.

He offers a very lucrative deal to the Texans; the Chiefs are willing to forego their 29th and 30th picks in the current draft and in addition to that they will offer their first-round pick of the 2023 draft as well.

As host Kay Adams put it, “It’s pretty enticing.” No argument there, the Houston Texans would seriously consider this deal if it does arise as the team is in a rebuilding stage now.

Rough times in Houston

DeAndre Hopkins
DeAndre Hopkins

There is no possible scenario wherein the Texans make the playoffs the next season, the team is virtually without a quarterback, a star wide receiver, or a solid defensive lineup for that matter.

The Texans have had a rough couple of years, all of which began with the departure of DeAndre Hopkins via a trade to the Arizona Cardinals that was dubbed to be one of the worst ever. Following this, defensive end JJ Watt left the team to join Hopkins in Arizona as well. The saga all ended with the allegations of sexual misconduct against star quarterback Deshaun Watson by 22 women which rendered him ineligible to play for an entire season.

Watson has now been acquired by the Cleveland Browns and appears to be on track to play in the upcoming season. Keeping all this in mind, giving up the 3rd pick for two first-round picks this season and a first-round pick the next season is a good move for the Texans.

The team is rebuilding itself and drafting a single star player will not change their fate for the immediate future. The Chiefs on the other hand have a stacked roster, however, they do need to improve that defensive lineup, with talented DEs such as Aidan Hutchinson and Travon Walker available, they do stand a chance to land them, not to mention the other top Cornerbacks and DE’s who are potential top 15 picks.

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