“It’s confusing”: New York Giants Kenny Golladay is ENRAGED about not getting enough targets

New York Giants wideout Kenny Golladay is not happy with HC Brian Daboll's offensive plans that barely target him.

Kenny Golladay
Kenny Golladay is losing patience as he is not being given enough targets

The New York Giants have not had this great of a start in a long time, the team has begun the season on a 2-0 record, Saquon Barkley has headlined the team’s effort and led the offense, and quarterback Daniel Jones has been a point of concern as his throws seem to have taken a step back. However, one of the biggest questions has been the team’s reduced reliance upon trusted wideout Kenny Golladay Jr.

In the New York Giants‘ matchup against the Carolina Panthers on Sunday, Kenny Golladay only got two snaps, though his team won 19-16, he left the game clueless about one thing, why are the Giants not targeting him enough? He remains optimistic about the team. Golladay has made a solid impact on the team ever since he arrived in 2021, with two 1,000-yard seasons under his belt, he jumped at the chance to leave the Detroit Lions when he inked a 4-year $72 million deal to come to The Big Apple.

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Kenny Golladay is perplexed by Brian Daboll’s reluctance to hand the ball over to him:

Kenny Golladay
Kenny Golladay is paid $17 million a season by the Giants but has yet to prove that he is worth that money

Ever since his arrival in New York, Kenny Golladay has caught 29 passes for 543 yards in 16 games that he has played. He has not made a trip to the endzone ever since he became a Giant. However, this season has not been that great for him so far either. Let alone a touchdown, Kenny Golladay just wants the ball in his hands now.

It begs the question, why is Head Coach Brian Daboll reluctant on handing the ball over to a wideout that the team has shelled out so much money to bring onboard? “I still really don’t know. I’m preparing like I’m going to be playing, but who knows?” Two games into the season, Richie Games, David Sills, Kadarius Toney, and Wan’Dale Robinson, all of whom are lesser-known wideouts who have accomplished lesser than Golladay have been targeted the same or more than him.

The wide receiver is still attempting to figure out why especially after the front office and the coaching staff have reiterated that he does everything that is expected of him. “The GM, Head Coach, all these coaches keep saying, ‘You do everything right, you handle yourself the right way,’ It’s a little confusing.”

Golladay will make $17.75 million this year, which roughly translates to $1.04 million per game. The two snaps he has taken to date are worth $522,000 each, that’s a hefty price tag to pay for a wideout who is barely being used. This is shocking once we take into account the New York Giants’ issues with cap space. The team has just $5.4 million in cap space.

New York would not cut Golladay either as that would burden the team with more dead cap space for the year, however, if they were to trade him and find a team that is willing to shell up $21.4 million per season then that would be an ideal situation for both parties.

If you are the GM of a team and are looking at the way Golladay is being treated in New York, you will end up being more reluctant to get him, why would any team spend so much to get a player who was stellar in Detroit and refuses to take advantage of his potential? Kenny Golladay remains hopeful, “I should be playing regardless, that’s a fact.” The wideout concludes.

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