Matt LaFleur admits Aaron Jones’ departure will be a ‘big void’ to fill for Packers despite Josh Jacobs’ arrival

Matt LaFleur breaks silence on seeing Aaron Jones depart from Packers after Josh Jacobs' arrival.

Matt LaFleur admits Aaron Jones’ departure will be a ‘big void’ to fill for Packers despite Josh Jacobs’ arrival

Aaron Jones and Matt Lafleur (Imago/BR)

In a surprising turn of events, the Green Bay Packers decided to release their star running back Aaron Jones this offseason. The RB, despite performing well last season, will be playing for the Minnesota Vikings in the 2024/25 season.

Despite all the odds, the Green Bay Packers managed to make it to the playoffs last year. In the playoffs, they surprised everyone by beating the mighty Dallas Cowboys which was considered a David vs Goliath battle by football pundits.

Aaron Jones contributed massively to the team’s cause as he totaled 656 rushing yards with 2 rushing touchdowns in the season. In his seven years with the Green Bay Packers, the running back accounted for more than 5,900 rushing yards with three seasons of more than 1,000 rushing yards.

Despite having all these numbers by his name, the RB was released by the Packers after the team signed Josh Jacobs. The departure came as a shock for Packers HC Matt LaFleur too. In his interview with Tom Pellissero, the NFL journalist, the HC expressed his astonishment.

LaFleur said Jones is synonymous with the Packers as he was with the team for 7 years. The HC was gutted to see Jones go and admitted that his departure has left a ‘big void’ in the locker room.

Aaron Jones is kind of synonymous with the Green Bay Packers. When I got there in 2019, he was entering his third year, he has been here for five years. To lose a guy who not only produces stats on the ground on the stat sheet but what he does to the locker room, I mean, that's a big void. And we are going to have to have other guys step out.
Matt LaFleur

Matt LaFleur praised their latest inclusion, Josh Jacobs

A lot of times in the league’s history, teams had to make hard decisions. Despite having great and consistent stars in the squad, they had to let go of them to make space for the newcomers. This has happened to the Packers as well. Aaron Jones’ exit led to Josh Jacobs’ arrival- an explosive running back from Alabama who has done well for the Raiders.

Josh Jacobs Green Bay Packers
Josh Jacobs (Via Imago)

LaFleur praised Jacobs in the interview and called him a ‘gritty’ guy. The HC believes Jacobs has the ability to find a way in those tough yards and could also be a weapon in the backfield.

Certainly excited about Josh Jacobs. Just watching him coming out of Alabama and seeing what he has been able to achieve in the National Football League, leading the league in rushing two years ago. He is a gritty guy and he just is going to find a way in those tough yards. He can be the weapon out in the backfield.
Matt LaFleur said.

As the Packers were successful last year, they will eye for something big in the coming season. It is to be seen whether the new inclusion stands by the expectation in Jordan Love-led offense.

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