Mina Kimes claims MVP probable Tyreek Hill is having a Russell Westbrook-like season

Kimes firmly believes claiming WR Tyreek Hill is close to creating history, just like Russell Westbrook did in 2017 NBA season.

Mina Kimes claims MVP probable Tyreek Hill is having a Russell Westbrook-like season

Tyreek Hill, Mina Kimes and Russell Westbrook (Via SI/Marca/People)

As the 2023 regular season approaches its final few weeks, the MVP conversation becomes more evident and wide open. Though it can’t be denied that the award belongs to a quarterback, this year might be different as Mina Kimes claimed.

With the leading MVP candidates as quarterbacks Jalen Hurts, Patrick Mahomes, and Tua Tagovailoa, the only non-quarterback player to have a real shot at winning the award is Miami Dolphins wide receiver Tyreek Hill. If Hill won the MVP award this season, he would make history as there hasn’t been any wide receiver who won this award, in the history of the NFL.


With that being said, the history stands against the wide receiver. Especially when his teammate, Tagovailoa is competing in the MVP race with +800 odds. Contrary to what NFL history says for non-quarterbacks in the MVP race, ESPN analyst Kimes firmly put her perspective claiming WR Hill is close to creating history.

Seems like, this year Kimes has decided to bet on the Dolphins’ star wideout, whom she believes to have an actual chance of winning the prominent award and establishing his name in history. In a recent X (formerly Twitter) post, Kimes answered a question asking, “What if Tyreek Hill easily breaks the 2000-yard mark?” reflecting his chances in the MVP.

Kimes replied:

This is the debate right now, imo. Who you pick depends on how you define the award--QB is inherently more valuable for obvious reasons, but Hill is mounting a Russell Westbrook-like case bc he's making history.

The Russell Westbrook reference directs to the 2016-17 NBA season when the Oklahoma City Thunder star Westbrook was awarded the MVP title, even though his team’s season record ranked sixth in the Western Conference. Westbrook was honored with the title for averaging a triple-double, which has been achieved only once before him, in the history of the NBA.

What are the chances of Tyreek Hill winning the MVP award?

There’s no doubt that the Dolphins’ star wide receiver is building a strong case this season in the MVP conversation. With the Miami 9-3 record, Hill has logged 1,481 receiving yards for 12 touchdowns.

Tyreek Hill
Tyreek Hill (Via KXAN)

In the remaining five games of the Dolphins this season, the wideout needs 519 receiving yards to surpass Hall of Famer Calvin Johnson‘s monumental record for 1,964 yards, in 2012 and become the first-ever player in NFL history to record 2,000 yards in a single season.


According to FanDuel Sportsbook, wideout Hill has the seventh-best odds at winning the MVP. Ahead of him is Dak Prescott and Brock Purdy who are tied for best odds, along with Hurts, Mahomes, Lamar Jackson and Tagovailoa.

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