Nick Bosa claims the 49ers have provided the Cowboys a blueprint of how to stop Jalen Hurts after 42-19 beatdown

Jalen Hurts was ineffective in the game against the 49ers.

Nick Bosa claims the 49ers have provided the Cowboys a blueprint of how to stop Jalen Hurts after 42-19 beatdown

Jalen Hurts and Nick Bosa (Via Imago)

The San Francisco 49ers outplayed the Philadelphia Eagles at their home with a stellar performance. Brock Purdy ruled the game with 314 yards and four touchdowns.


However, not only the offense but also the 49ers’ defense contributed to the ‘sweet revenge’ of the 49ers. They restricted the Eagles team to only 19 points and also kept the MVP contender Jalen Hurts silent throughout the game.

A few days after the game, Nick Bosa, the defensive end of the 49ers, revealed what tactics they implied to make Hurts ineffective. Addressing the media, he also said that the 49ers have made a blueprint for the Dallas Cowboys to stop Hurts from being active in the game. He hoped that the Cowboys might have witnessed the game and took note of what should be done against the Eagles team.

You see it on tape. Obviously, we put the blueprint out there. Hopefully, the Dallas Cowboys watch the tape-- We made Jalen stay in the pocket and escape outside instead of those B-gaps. And it paid off. 

In the next game, the Eagles will face the Cowboys at AT&T Stadium. It will be a tough challenge for the Philly team considering the form that the Cowboys are showing. They have won all of their last four games with dominance.


The Cowboys’ last defeat came against the Eagles at the Lincoln Financial Field that was highly contested. Two overturned decisions for the Cowboys helped the Eagles seal their victory.

However, things have taken a different turn now. Bosa had suggested a special way to stop the Eagles QB. Will the Cowboys follow that route?

Nick Bosa suggests Jalen Hurts needs to be stopped from rushing

Bosa, in his recent interaction with the media, also suggested that the opponent team needs to stop Jalen Hurts before he starts rising. Hurts is a quarterback who not only depends on passing the ball quickly to his defenders but also puts a lot of individual effort into rushing to the opponent’s half. That needs to be stopped, believes Bosa.

Jalen Hurts talking to press after Commanders game
Jalen Hurts talking to press (Via Screengrab)
Jalen's looking at the rush every play-So yeah, you just have to be disciplined and not give him that quick escape route where he can get it to his guys quick. And it paid off. 

Hurts’ rushing yards have witnessed a significant decline this year. In the last two years, the QB registered more than 700 rushing yards. This season he has garnered 430 rushing in 12 games. Analyst Emmanuel Acho believes that this is related to his health. Acho feels the Eagles’ signal-caller is tired and needs rest.


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