Pat McAfee believes Aaron Rodgers taking the field in just three months after tearing his Achilles is a story ‘people would talk about forever’

Head coach Robert Saleh confirmed Aaron Rodgers' practice sessions will be limited.

Pat McAfee believes Aaron Rodgers taking the field in just three months after tearing his Achilles is a story ‘people would talk about forever’

Pat McAfee and Aaron Rodgers (Via News)

Good news for the Jets fan, it seemed like Aaron Rodgers‘ dubious comeback has taken the next step. The New York Jets have opened a 21-day practice window for the star quarterback, starting on Wednesday.

This marked exactly 11 weeks since Rodgers sustained his severe Achilles injury that kept in benched for most of this season. As he has had some football activities recently and the return date has also been anticipated to be December 24th, this seems like the right time for the practice window.


Hyping up the four-time NFL MVP, sports analyst and host of ‘The Pat McAfee Show’ Pat McAfee celebrates Rodgers on the 21-Day practice window news. McAfee said:

We've got some breaking news on Aaron Rodgers. The New York Jets have opened the practice window for quarterback Aaron Rodgers' return. That's a 21-day window you know, that we have seen around the NFL already this year…So 21 days to go into the practice. If Aaron Rodgers accomplished this and he could, as good as yesterday….Remember that one week he said 'no real progression' and then he was doing 4-5 backdrops a couple of days later.

He believes if Rodgers finally goes through everything and finally returns, this may become a popular NFL story that people will always remember:

This is bananas. And if the Jets are still in it and he's healthy enough to come back and he wants to play football again this year, it'd be a story that people would talk about forever.

Aaron Rodgers’ practice sessions limited

After recovering from a severe Achilles injury, that too at the age of nearly 40 is sure extremely difficult. This is why, though the Jets have opened the 21-day practice window, Rodgers’ practice sessions will be limited, as claimed by head coach Robert Saleh.

Robert Saleh and Aaron Rodgers
Robert Saleh and Aaron Rodgers (Via New York Post)

Saleh has assured everyone that this wouldn’t be a risky move for the quarterback, and neither does this prove that the quarterback would get back on the field this season. It’s more of a next phase in the rehabilitation process of the star QB.

After these 21 days, Rodgers will be analyzed and the Jets will decide whether to go with him or list him on injured reserve for the remaining season. As scheduled, it would be 4 days before the team’s home game against the rivals, the Washington Commanders.

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