“I don’t believe that,” Pat McAfee shocked about recent developments on UFOs and strange US government hearings on aliens on Mars

Check out what Pat McAfee thinks about the recent UFO developments and findings made by a space rover.

Pat McAfee 1

Pat McAfee is finding new things of interest to make his show more interesting than ever before. The former Indianapolis Colts star, was left intrigued with a recent discovery made which shows the presence of an UFO.

This comes in after a space rover threw up distinct images of visuals that almost confirm the presence of another life form on Mars. Although it can be seen as a long shot, Pat McAfee could not help but comment on the issue at hand.

Pat McAfee is super interested in space matters

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Pat McAfee
Pat McAfee

The US government recent held a public session on unidentified aerobatic phenomena (UAP) for the very first time in over 50 years, something which sparked the interest of the space enthusiasts even more. McAfee, who was a former Indianapolis Colts punter however does not believe in the findings made by the rover and was pretty clear in making his stance.

Pat McAfee said, “That did come out but that I don’t believe that I was chatting about in the part that we saw and this is I don’t watch this ever C-SPAN ever turn it on for this obviously because I’m super interested in all this.”

“It’s always like that, you know how team meetings are player-only meetings in the NFL are always like okay who’s the hardest, who’s the toughest, who’s the most gangster, you know who came from the worst play and that’s basically what player not all of them but a lot of player meetings turn into that.”

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