Rex Ryan claims Zach Wilson is maturing right in front of everyone’s eyes following solid win over the Giants

Zach Wilson is proving to be a fitting replacement in the absence of Aaron Rodgers.

Rex Ryan claims Zach Wilson is maturing right in front of everyone’s eyes following solid win over the Giants

Zach Wilson and Rex Ryan (Via Bleacher Report and KSL Sports)

Zach Wilson is finally getting what he has deserved for long. The appreciation from the analysts. He was vehemently criticized earlier for not providing the best at the right moment and the right time. But slowly he is coming back in his form. The QB showed his class against the Kansas City Chiefs and played surprisingly well.


Since then, he has been in good form. The New York Jets have registered three wins in the last three games and Wilson was pivotal in all of them.

After seeing his performance in the match against the Giants, analyst Rex Ryan said that Wilson is slowly maturing with time. In the recent episode of ESPN’s ‘Get Up,’ the analyst said:

To me, I love the Zach Wilson thing right here. Last year, he was some stupid. He is mature in front of our eyes and at the biggest moment, he is at his best.

Ryan is true. Wilson has transformed himself into a different player. He accidentally got an opportunity to become the regular starter of the season after Aaron Rodgers was ruled out due to his Achilles Tendon injury.


He was performing poorly in the first few games. Despite severely being criticized in the first few games the HC did not lose hope on him. He backed the player and Wilson is finally paying things back.

Rex Ryan credits Robert Saleh for Zach Wilson’s improvement over the last few weeks

Wilson has shown sincere improvement in the games in the last few weeks. And on account of that Rex Ryan credited this success to the Jets head coach Robert Saleh.

Huge win, absolutely enormous win. To grind out the win, the Jets are 4-3 which is unbelievable at this stage. They have the lead for fewer places for any team in the national football league. So coaching staff make the difference. We have to credit Robert Saleh and the staff.
Zach Wilson
Zach Wilson (Via KSL Sports)

There is hardly any doubt that Robert Saleh backed Wilson when it was needed. After the first few games, many analysts suggested the Jets team management look for other options. However, Wilson stood tall and backed Wilson.

Saleh even told the media that the Jets would play Zach Wilson despite the poor results. Things started coming in line after the Kansas City Chiefs match. Though the Jets lost it indicated some signs of a future comeback that took place in the next few games.  


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