Rob Gronkowski gives a final verdict on who is the greatest TE of all time between him and Travis Kelce

Rob Gronkowski is one of the legendary TEs to play in the NFL.

Rob Gronkowski gives a final verdict on who is the greatest TE of all time between him and Travis Kelce

Rob Gronkowski (L) and Travis Kelce (R)

Rob Gronkowski is the legendary tight end (TE) who no longer plays in the NFL. Despite retiring some time ago, Gronkowski is still relevant as he often passes multiple comments on the recent NFL saga. His heroism as a TE is well remembered and now he was asked about the best TE ever to play in the NFL. The question was specific – between him and Travis Kelce, who he thinks is better. 


Being smart, Rob Gronkowski did give a straightforward answer to this question. Of course, he shared his views. Comparing him with Kelce he had an answer that would suffice both of them. 

“I would say, in a different aspect. I mean I believe Travis Kelce is the best receiving tight end. He’s the best tight end in terms of catching the ball.’ Rob said. There’s no doubt about it, you can’t even argue,’ Gronkowski added. “I mean he’s had seven 1000-yard seasons in a row. He’s a great red-zone target as well. And when he’s not out on the field, they are not the same team,” he added. 

The NFL legend also mentioned the significant difference that he had with Kelce. The former player explicitly mentioned that the playing style differentiated them as he went on saying, “He’s just had a great career, he’s taken it to the top and he keeps taking it to another level each year. He’s the same age as me which is incredible. And he’s still going at that speed. So I’ll leave it up to you guys to debate.” 


Overall, the player had a final verdict as he said that he did not want to put a final word on this question. He left the question unanswered.

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Rob Gronkowski vs Travis Kelce: What do the statistics say? 

As a player, Gronkowski had eleven seasons in the league. He provided his best for the New England Patriots as he had nine seasons for them. He left the Patriots in the year 2019.

Rob Gronkowski
Rob Gronkowski (Via CNYhomepage)

Before his departure, the player helped the Patriots to win three Super Bowls (SBs). In his eleven seasons as a TE, Gronkowski played 143 games, covered 9,276 yards of passing, and had 621 receptions and 92 touchdowns.  He also had 76 long gains. 


Travis Kelce, on the other hand, spent ten years in the NFL. He covered 10,690 yards and had 850 receptions, both better than Gronkowski. But the player had less number of touchdowns (72) than Gronkowski. 

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