Robert Griffin III declares Jordan Love as the Packers’ franchise QB after his monumental win over Patrick Mahomes’ Chiefs

Jordan Love completed 69.4% of his passes for 267 yards.

Robert Griffin III declares Jordan Love as the Packers’ franchise QB after his monumental win over Patrick Mahomes’ Chiefs

Robert Griffin III and Jordan Love (Via Imago/X)

Jordan Love led the Green Bay Packers to humble Patrick Mahomes and Kansas City Chiefs at his home ground 31-19 in week 13. The Packers signal-caller had a stellar show covering 267 yards with three touchdowns. It was an unexpected show from the QB who stepped into Aaron Rodgers‘ shoe after the latter jumped onto the boats of the New York Jets in the 2023 offseason.

Love’s performances against the Detroit Lions and the Los Angeles Chargers were special. The QB registered five touchdowns in two games without getting intercepted for a single time. This earned respect from Mahomes, who ahead of the game said Love is improving. He also had a hint that his team would not take Love casually.


After the game, it was Robert Griffin III who gave his flowers to the young QB. The former quarterback feels Love has established himself as the main man under the center for Green Bay after seeing his heroics last night. He wrote on X:

Jordan Love is the Packers’ Franchise QB

Lambeau disappointed Patrick Mahomes in week 13

Football stadiums are home to people from all corners. There are a few stadiums which are known for their electrifying atmosphere. The Lambeau Stadium is one of them. It boasts hundreds of thousands of fierce Green Bay Packers fans who leave no stone unturned to cheer for their beloved team.

Patrick Mahomes
Patrick Mahomes (via Imago)

In any team game, star players love to play in a stadium like Lambeau as a visitor. They are often motivated by the psyche of silencing the crowd with their performance. Mahomes was triggered by the same. Before the game, he expressed his excitement over playing in a stadium like Lambeau.

I'm extremely excited for it. I mean, I've watched it my whole life. I know it's gonna be a hostile environment, and the fans are gonna be loud. It's gonna be a lot like Arrowhead is to other teams but I'm excited.

In his six-year-long Chiefs career, he never has had the good fortune of stepping onto the green grass of Lambeau. It was only yesterday when he got a chance to exhibit his footballing skills.

Unfortunately, he failed. The Lambeau Stadium witnessed one of the most off-colored Patrick Mahomes in history. With a touchdown and an interception, Mahomes covered less than 200 yards. His team also registered their fourth defeat of the season.


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