‘Frustrated’ Robert Saleh clears air on Aaron Rodgers’ participation this season amid Jets’ woes

Rodgers' return would be decided when the QB would be cleared medically.

‘Frustrated’ Robert Saleh clears air on Aaron Rodgers’ participation this season amid Jets’ woes

Aaron Rodgers and Robert Saleh (Via ESPN/Yardbarker)

Will Aaron Rodgers play again this season? This has surely been a huge question when it comes to the New York Jets. One major contributing factor to his return to the field was the Jets’ playoff hunt. However, now that the team has been eliminated due to portraying 5-9 standings, it feels like Robert Saleh‘s frustration has reached its ultimate level.


Rodgers’ return primarily depends upon his recovery from the torn Achilles that he sustained in the first week of the 2023 NFL season. It hasn’t been that long, but the veteran quarterback’s recovery has been remarkable. Which brings us back to the question: Is the four-time MVP returning this season?

After the poor loss to the Miami Dolphins that got the Jets eliminated, head coach Saleh was asked about quarterback Rodgers’ potential return.

Aaron wants to play; let's not confuse that one. That's why he's been working so hard to get back. His willingness to play, even if he's not 100%, is at the forefront of his mind. He wants to go, but … until he's actually cleared, I'm not going to talk about it with anybody.
Saleh said at Monday’s press conference

It seems Rodgers’ return will be decided when the QB is cleared medically. He further hinted at Rodgers’ return despite the current standings of the team. It’s still quite early for a player who sustained a season-ending injury just a few months ago.

You could make arguments either way on both sides of the coin. 
He said

Jets hit rock bottom after shutout loss to Dolphins

After displaying a blown-out performance against the Dolphins, resulting in a humiliating 30-0 loss, it seems like a new low for the New York Jets. After being eliminated, the team showed the longest postseason drought for 13 straight seasons across the league. The last time they qualified for the playoffs was in 2010.

Jets blow-out loss against Miami
Jets blow-out loss against Miami (Via Yahoo Sports)

They have fallen to a 5-9 record but saved from last place in the AFC East due to the New England Patriots’ bizarre 3-11 standing. But that’s just the surface, as the team has crushed all their Super Bowl aspirations once again this season.

There was a ray of hope for the Jets when quarterback Zach Wilson destroyed the Houston Texans at 30-6, a potential playoff team. However, he had to be replaced mid-game in the game against Miami due to sustaining a concussion.

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