WATCH: ‘Disappointed’ Robert Saleh snaps at the reporter questioning the HC’s lack of emotion following loss to the Browns

Robert Saleh lost his 33 game as the head coach of the New York Jets.

WATCH: ‘Disappointed’ Robert Saleh snaps at the reporter questioning the HC’s lack of emotion following loss to the Browns

Robert Saleh in post match press conference after Browns defeat December 28 (Credits: New York Jets)

Despite the underwhelming season for the New York Jets, Robert Saleh‘s job is more or less secured for at least one more year. That doesn’t mean he would be spared from the fiery gaze of the New York media.


Playing in the Big Apple comes with some real perks, but it also has its downsides. Just ask the Hollywood celebrities living on Jersey shores; the paparazzi hound them like vultures. Football players and coaches are no exception, either. When their teams (the Jets and Giants) are winning, they are the ultimate hype machine. But in a losing streak, they will be the first to point fingers.

Saleh’s Jets fall into the latter group and have been in that dark hole for quite some time. And after their 10th loss and seven in eight games, the media posed the all-important question as to why he seemed so calm when talking to them. They claimed he should be showing a bit more emotion.

The 44-year-old, who usually has a very calm personality during interviews, appeared to show a bit of anger.

I am not sure how to reply. Do you want me to throw the podium on the floor?
Saleh replied as he waited for more queries.

A season to forget for Robert Saleh and the New York Jets

To end their decade-long playoff drought, Jets owner Woody Johnson swooped Saleh away from the San Francisco 49ers defensive coordinator post in 2021. Before the start of the 2023 season, he had 10 wins and 22 losses. However, throughout the current campaign, they established themselves as a powerhouse defensive outfit.

New York Jets head coach Robert Saleh (Image via

The New York Jets‘ defense ranks third in total yards allowed per game (294.8). Not only that, they only allow 168.6 passing yards per game, making them the second-best team in the league. However, it’s the complete opposite when it comes to their offense. Before the Browns game, they had only scored 10 passing touchdowns (same as Browns quarterback Joe Flacco in four games).

Thursday night was no different either. Saleh’s team managed to hang on to their 17 in the first two quarters. But the Cleveland Browns put up 34, and it proved too much for the Jets. Flacco ended the game with 309 yards and three touchdowns.

Tight end David Njoku had another notable outing, with six receptions for 134 yards. Runningback Jerome Ford scored two receiving touchdowns and wide receiver Elijah Moore recorded one. With that defeat, the Browns qualified for the playoffs where as the Jets are out of it.


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