WATCH: ‘Pumped up’ Shannon Sharpe’s reaction to Cody Rhodes snapping Roman Reigns’ historic title streak at Wrestlemania 40 goes viral

Sharpe claimed Cody Rhodes is the Amercian Dream personified.

WATCH: ‘Pumped up’ Shannon Sharpe’s reaction to Cody Rhodes snapping Roman Reigns’ historic title streak at Wrestlemania 40 goes viral

Cody Rhodes and Roman Reigns at WrestleMania 40, Shannon Sharpe (Image via IMAGO Screengrab X)

Cody Rhodes achieved his “America’s Dream’ on Sunday night by winning the ‘bloodline’ matchup against Roman Reigns, which left Shannon Sharpe proud. The Hall of Fame tight end announced that Cody proved that he was the son of the great Dusty Rhodes.

All he ever wanted was to make his dad proud. The American Dream himself, Dusty Rhodes. The man with the bionic elbow, figure four-leg lock. Georgia's own, Mariana Georgia's own Cody Rhodes is at the top of the order. 
Shannon Sharpe ranted on his Nightcap Podcast with Chad Johnson.

The odds were stacked against Cody, who took a beating from Reigns’ cousin, Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson, a day earlier. To make matters worse, bloodline rules stipulate that fighters are allowed to use kendo sticks, tables, and chairs.

It was a bloodline match. [That's] because Roman Reigns and the Rock won last night [Saturday]. So they stacked the deck against Cody Rhodes.
Sharpe said

One by one, all the participants joined in the fight. One-half of the Uso brothers, Jimmy, Solo Sikoa, and The Rock, entered the ring to back Reigns up. A surprise entry by John Cena in Rhodes’ corner turned the tide until the most electrifying man in all of sports entertainment, the Rock, defeated him.

However, even the rock wasn’t able to hold its ground. There’s a saying, ‘You never know who is going to show up.’ Staying true to that tradition, a wild card in the shape of The Undertaker made another WrestleMania appearance and choke-slammed Johnson.


Cody Rhodes beats Roman Reigns to win the Universal WWE Championship

As the clock ticked down, only Rhodes and the tribal chief remained dazed and out of breath inside the ring. After gathering their senses, they got up for one final ride. Reigns launched a vicious Superman punch, which Rhodes evaded.

WATCH: 'Pumped up' Shannon Sharpe's reaction to Cody Rhodes snapping Roman Reigns' historic title streak at Wrestlemania 40 goes viral
WWE Universal Championship match between Roman Reigns and Cody Rhodes during Wrestlemania XL (Image via IMAGO)

The 38-year-old then exacted his revenge with a series of his talismanic finishing moves.

He [Cody] put him in his patented finishing move, the 'CROSS RHODES.' NOT ONCE, NOT TWICE [Chad Johnson interjected], but THREE TIMES. And it was over. The ref counted it out. Cody Rhodes is the new Universal Heavyweight Champion of the World, and I got the opportunity to witness it. 
Shannon Sharpe said

With the victory, Cody Rhodes ended Reigns’ time as champion for over 1316 days, crumbling down and taking the WWE into a new era. He definitely made his late father proud.

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