“Sit your a** home,” Stephen A. Smith slams Aaron Rodgers’ decision to return amidst slim Playoff hopes for the Jets

Smith said it doesn't make much sense for Aaron Rodgers to return when there's nothing left to play for the Jets this season.

“Sit your a** home,” Stephen A. Smith slams Aaron Rodgers’ decision to return amidst slim Playoff hopes for the Jets

Stephen A. Smith and Aaron Rodgers (Image via IMAGO)

Aaron Rodgers returned to light practice in New Jersey just 77 days after badly injuring his Achilles and is confident of taking some meaningful snaps before the 2023 season ends. Meanwhile, Stephen A. Smith appears to disagree with the veteran quarterback and has some stern pieces of advice.

During the recent segment of ESPN’s First Take, the esteemed panel consisting of former NFL players turned analysts Louis Riddick, Dan Orlovsky, and show host Molly Qerim, along with Smith, discussed Rodgers’ incredible rehab process following surgery on his Achilles, which was previously perceived as an impossible task.


Smith said he doesn’t want to see the Super Bowl winner donning the New York Jets jersey this season; rather, he should keep on his weekly routine of making guest appearances on the Pat McAfee Show.

Stay your as* at home, go on the Pat McAfee Show every Tuesday, kick your feet up, relax, and watch the game. You can’t play.

Why does Stephen A. Smith want Aaron Rodgers to stay away from football?

According to MedLine Plus, it takes about 8 to 9 months of rehabilitation to recover from an Achilles tear post-surgery. However, Aaron Rodgers was already up and about a few weeks removed from the day of his injury (the 2023 NFL Opening Day game against the Buffalo Bills).

“Sit your a** home,” Stephen A. Smith slams Aaron Rodgers’ decision to return amidst slim Playoff hopes for the Jets
Aaron Rodgers (Image via Bleacher Report)

Originally, he was predicted to return by the end of December. However, the 39-year-old stunned the entire football fraternity by returning to practice in Jersey earlier this week. Yet that is not enough to convince Stephen A. Smith to give Rodgers starting a game for the Jets his seal of approval.

You’re going to come back for what? You make one wrong move; it’s your Achilles, and something else could happen to you, and for what? What purpose does it serve? This is a stupid thing to do.

The veteran sports analyst’s words do have merit. There’s no reason for Aaron Rodgers to make haste for a revolt. The Jets season is more or less over, considering the 4-7 record. Not only that but there is a risk of picking up another injury, which could put him out of commission for a longer period.

Recently, famous radio host Mike Francesa said that the Jets will be the “laughing stock in the history of sports” if Rodgers gets injured again.

Orlovsky, on the other hand, is all in for Rodgers to make his second start for the New York franchise. The former quarterback claimed that Robert Saleh should allow the four-time NFL MVP the chance to come in for one snap just to “check the box.”

What box? He’s a Super Bowl champion, a sure-fire future Hall of Famer, and he's one of the greatest quarterbacks to ever live. Oh my God!
Smith shouted at Orlovsky.

Well, the Jets announced on Wednesday that they are opening a 21-day watch period for Rodgers. If he does make a comeback, then it will most likely be against the Cleveland Browns in Week 16.

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