“Grew up with severe anxiety”: NFL legend Steve Young opens up about his mental health battle

49ers legend Steve Young shared a very important message regarding mental health

Steve Young

Jon Steven Young is a name to reckon with in the world of the NFL. The superstar quarterback played at the highest level for as many as 15 years. The three-time Super Bowl champion was roped in by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers back in 1985.

However, that didn’t work out well and Steve then went to the San Francisco 49ers. He stayed with the San Francisco-based franchise till 1999. Moreover, before stepping into the NFL, he featured for the Los Angeles Express in the USFL for a couple of seasons.

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“It is foolish not to seek help for mental health”: Steve Young

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Steve Young

Young has got a plethora of awards and rewards to his name. Recently, the incredible QB talked about his battle with mental health issues in order to create more awareness and encourage more people to take the right treatment. “I didn’t know this, but I grew up with severe childhood separation anxiety,” Young told The Athletic.

If you knew me back then, you’d say, that kid is killing it because I was killing it, but if you said, ‘hey, wanna sleepover at my house?’ The answer was, ‘it isn’t happening.'” Young added that he looked at the situation as if he was lost in the woods and was too ashamed to ask the park ranger for directions.

I want the same kind of experience for everyone as we make this less shameful. It would be foolish not to seek help for mental health. We need to lose that fear about getting that help, let’s be smart,” he further stated. It is extremely important that people like Young, who holds a very place in the society come out and share such stories so that the ones who have closeted their emotions can be encouraged to come out and seek help.

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