“Back to being the Suckaneers?”: Despite a disappointing start to the season, HC Todd Bowles and QB Tom Brady were absent from team practice on Wednesday

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers faced another setback as HC Todd Bowles and Tom Brady were absent from the team's practice on Wednesday.

Todd Bowles and Tom Brady
HC Todd Bowles and QB Tom Brady were absent from the Tampa Bay Buccaneers practice on Wednesday

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have had a slow and disappointing start to this season, the team has been plagued by injuries with most of the team’s receiving core out. Chris Godwin is still recovering from his injury while Julio Jones was questionable for most of the games. However, this weekend may be better for the team as Chris Godwin and Jones are expected to be back in action.

Ahead of this, you would think HC Todd Bowles and Tom Brady would be practicing for the game in an attempt to turn the Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ fortune around but that has not been the case. The backbones of the franchise were notably nowhere to be seen at the team’s practice on Wednesday.

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HC Todd Bowles is away for ‘personal reasons’ while Tom Brady is recovering from his shoulder injury:

odd Bowles and Tom Brady
Todd Bowles and Tom Brady

Head Coach Todd Bowles reportedly took the day off citing personal reasons and is expected to make a return on Thursday. The team’s assistant coach Harold Goodwin took control of the practice on Wednesday in the absence of Bowles.

Tom Brady was also not seen for most of the practice as he was rehabbing his shoulder that was injured in the team’s 41-31 loss to the Kansas City Chiefs on Sunday. The quarterback came out later on and spoke to the media, he threw the ball to practice his throwing motion but did not go all in like he usually does.

Wednesday was supposed to be a day Tom Brady took off every week this season, at least that is what he had told the organization he would be doing but two weeks after that statement, he has been practicing on Wednesdays as well.

He spoke to reporters and reassured them that he will be playing come Sunday. “My shoulder is doing OK, just some bumps and bruises and I kind of took a hit there on it. Got some treatment (Monday). Got a little (on Sunday) night. So I’m sure I’ll be fine in the end.”

He added that there will be no difference in the way he approaches this weekend’s game in comparison to the others as “it will be very similar to a lot of the other ones, just getting on the mend, getting back to practice and trying to improve and be ready” for the game against the Atlanta Falcons.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers were extremely short-handed at practice today as tight end Cameron Brate was also sitting out due to a concussion that he got as a result of a collision in the second quarter of the game against the Chiefs. Chris Godwin is expected to play Sunday but he did not participate in practice. Safety Logan Ryan also sat the game out with an injured foot. The team’s receiver core, Godwin, Jones, Russell Gage, and Breshad Perriman all were in attendance for the practice.

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