Tom Brady’s 199 Productions to produce biopic TV Series about the legendary head coach John Madden

Tom Brady recently announced his retirement from football after 23-seasons-long career

Tom Brady’s 199 Productions to produce biopic TV Series about the legendary head coach John Madden

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The former Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady recently announced that he is retiring from football after dominating the sport for more than two decades. The 15-time Pro Bowler took it to social media to announce his retirement for the second consecutive year. And now, after his retirement, it seems like Tom Brady has found his next project as he’s set to produce a TV Series about the legendary Raiders head coach John Madden.

The one-of-a-kind career of John Madden is the subject of the new TV Series named “All Madden” that will be directed by Gavin O’Connor. Furthermore, the writing work will be done by Vegas (2012) fame Alex Sohn. Along with Brady’s 199 Productions, there will be three other production companies including Religion of Sports, that will be joining hands to recreate the former Raiders HC Madden’s illustrious football career.


The 7-time Super Bowl Champion Tom Brady joining the crew as an executive producer has created an extra buzz for the film and importantly has pleased the family of the Raiders legend John Madden. “If Dad was still around, and he was looking for a few guys to huddle up and tell his story, he’d be thrilled to have Tom Brady leading the huddle,” said Mike Madden, who is working tirelessly on the project about his father’s legacy.

In brief, the Hall of Fame head coach John Madden is an important part of football history in America. During his time with the Oakland Raiders, he won one Super Bowl ring and never had a losing season. Furthermore, he was also a beloved Sports Broadcaster who was a staple part of American Football for many years.

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Tom Brady honored to be a part of the Raiders legend John Madden’s biopic

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The Patriots-Buccaneers legend Tom Brady will work as an executive producer in the upcoming biopic about the Raiders legend John Madden’s remarkable football career. In a press release about joining the project, he revealed that he was honored to be a part of this project.

“I grew up admiring John Madden, first as a coach, then as a commentator, I loved John’s passion for the game, especially his insatiable appetite for educating audiences about football,” said Brady about Madden. “On behalf of 199 Productions, I’m honored to collaborate with Virginia and Mike Madden, my co-founder at Religion of Sports, Gotham Chopra, and the rest of the creative team, in telling the iconic story of a family man who revolutionized not only the game but the culture of football.”

Following his retirement, this TV Series will be the Buccaneers legend Brady’s second project under his production company 199 Productions. Previously, he produced and starred in the “80 For Brady” movie which was released in theaters during the first week of February.


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