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“I crack up every time,” Twitter Reacts to Russell Wilson’s weird acting skills in promotional video for the Denver Broncos

Denver Broncos released a behind the scenes video footage of Russell Wilson as part of their promotional package ahead of the new NFL season.

Russell Wilson ended his 9-year long association with the Seattle Seahawks after the end of the 2021 season and made a massive trade move to the Denver Broncos. The 33-year old is still settling in at his new franchise, but given his stature and aura, he has already become a face of the Broncos, ahead of the new season.

With only a mere 3 months left for the new NFL season to commence, the teams are doing there best to keep their fans engaged off the pitch, with various interactive social media campaigns and videos. Russell Wilson was seen acting in such a promotional video for the Broncos.

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Twitter aimed fun at Russell Wilson’s for his cringy acting skills

Russell Wilson

However, the 24 second clip of behind the scenes footage shared by the franchise’s official Twitter page, did not hit the right notes when it came to impressing the fans. The video showed Wilson in a Denver Broncos outfit, with a green screen behind him.

He said, “Broncos Country, let’s ride,” the now infamous catchphrase he coined upon his arrival in Denver in March. However, his weird acting skills did not please the fans and most of them called him out on Twitter.

Having said that, acting definitely isn’t Wilson’s strongest suit, but all will be forgotten by the fans if he does what he does best on the football pitch in his first season with the Denver Broncos.

Twitter Reactions to the Behind the scenes footage

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