“They did me so dirty”: Vikings rookie Lewis Cine accuses the Buccaneers of misleading him

Lewis Cine

The NFL is a business, no matter which team you hail from you realize this sooner or later, irrespective of the talent level, if any team feels they can get the best value for you they will do what is best for themselves. Minnesota Vikings rookie Lewis Cine appears to have gotten an early lesson in this area and not in the best way.

Cine appeared on the Richard Sherman Podcast earlier this week and revealed that he could have very well ended up being a Tampa Bay Buccaneer, however, fate had other plans for him. The first-round pick reveals a different perspective after the NFL draft.

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“If you’re there, we’re gonna pick you” that’s what I was told: Lewis Cine

Lewis Cine
Lewis Cine believes that the Buccaneers misled him

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers had an interest in Lewis Cine before the draft in the months and weeks leading up to the NFL draft. There was intense speculation about Tampa’s intentions to draft the talented safety who came out of Georgia University. He was a projected first-round pick.

Todd Bowles, the Bucs defensive coordinator was a safety himself, and just like Jason Licht, he placed a great deal of emphasis on the position in the drafts preceding this year. On the field, the team just lost their starting Safety, Jordan Whitehead to free agency, and drafting Lewis Cine would have benefitted them greatly.

However, the team convinced the rookie that he would be a Buccaneer if he was still on the board when the team got to their pick at number 27.

Lewis Cine said the following, “I had a team at twenty-seven. They know who they are. I ain’t gonna say no names. It was at twenty-seven. The whole process-if you’re there-we’re gonna pick you. They move down to the first pick of the second round. I’m like, damn, they did me just so dirty.

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Lewis Cine

It is evident who Cine is referring to, it is none other than Tampa Bay, and considering the interest that the team had in him before the draft, it is crystal clear. Lewis feels that the team misled him.

The initial thought that would cross your mind is as to why teams would even make promises to draft prospects, considering draft night is such an uncertain event with the potential of multiple scenarios unfolding but since it is a business at the end of the day, it is not surprising that any team would go to any lengths to do what is best for themselves.

Jason Licht saw an opportunity to acquire additional draft capital and still retain a chance to draft a player in Logan Hall who was also in the consideration to be picked in the first round.

The Tampa Bay Bucs did not just pass on Lewis Cine to drat Logan Hall, they were able to select Hall at the 33rd pick and later got Cade Otton, a Tight End out of the University of Washington, at 106. In addition to this, they acquired the sixth-round pick that they got from the Jags in order to move up three spots and select Luke Goedeke at the 57th spot.

Jason Licht did execute a plan to not only acquire but also use this draft capital by opting to trade out of the twenty-seventh spot. However, Lewis Cine’s trust in the organization turned out to yield nothing for him.

If you wish to watch the entire interview, you can check this link out!

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