“Rams are far and away the better team!”: Nick Wright gives his verdict on the Super Bowl clash between Bengals and Rams

Nick Wright has said that the Los Angeles Rams are far better than Cincinnati Bengals in his predictions for the Superbowl.

Nick Wright on the LA Rams

The Los Angeles Rams and Cincinnati Bengals will be competing in the Superbowl 2022 on Sunday the 13th of February,2022.

It’s a grand festival for sports lovers across the world with some of the best play in the season ok display. Moreover it’s an important day for betters as well who will have their eyes glued on the screen with their predictions and wagers.

Nick Wright says the Los Angeles Rams are far better than the Cincinnati Bengals

The Superbowl on Sunday gives us the occasion to watch some of the best players currently. The two quarter backs that will definitely be in focus will be Joe Burrow of the Cincinnati Bengals as well as Matthew Stafford of the Los Angeles Rams.

Additionally Evan McPherson and Matt Gay will be having direct competition against one another. It’s set to be a very competitive match but NFL pundit Nick Wright has different thoughts while giving his predictions.

Los Angeles Rams
Los Angeles Rams

According to Nick Wright, the Los Angeles Rams are way better than the Cincinnati Bengals and will easily beat them on Sunday. He says there is a big gap in quality and that the Rams will be able to dominate Bengals.

The Rams should be able to handle the Bengals with relative ease. … I don’t see one clear-cut advantage the Bengals have. I think the Rams are far and away the better team. 4.5 is too small of a number,” said Wright.

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